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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dragon Summons by Viola Grace

Dragon Summons by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short (89 Pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Sector 8

Assigned as Inventory Master to the newest Sector Guard base on Teklan, Roxanne is sure only of one thing, if the seductive singing in her mind doesn’t stop, she is going to go nuts. With a little investigation, she finds the source of the nocturnal music and tells it to shut up.

Esur is a tad taken aback, after all, as a Drai sleeper, he is a full shifting dragon looking for a mate and Roxy is it. The sharp-tongued Terran won’t drive him away, but he may need all of his powers of persuasion to woo her while protecting her from her new job with the Sector Guard.

Finder and Frost make quite a team, in the guard and out of it.

Roxanne Nelson wants just one decent night’s sleep. But until she can find the one who is singing in her head every night that won’t happen. As the new Inventory Master on Teklan, the newest Sector Guard base, she needs to be alert and aware of every item on the base. She really needs to get to the bottom of things. What she finds there is Esur, a Drai sleeper who is summoning his mate: Roxanne.

Esur is the owner of the planet, and is a member of Sector Guard, and has been waiting for his mate for a long time. When Roxanne came on planet, he began to awaken, feeling his mate nearby. Roxanne knows nothing about the Drai mating traditions, so she researches and decides Esur will have to earn her attention in the traditional Drai manner. Can a Terran and a Drai make a successful match? Will Roxanne accept the Sector Guard position offered to her?

This Sector Guard book takes us to new territory. The new base on Teklan is still in the formative stages, but I love the interaction between the new characters as they meet some of the older, more familiar characters from past books. We see Helen (Pilot) and Hyder (Match) in a much more relaxed setting, as they visit with Roxanne to see how she is settling in on Teklan.

Roxanne is a fascinating character, sure of her abilities, but still surprised that she would be considered for a place in the elite Sector Guard. Roxanne is a finder, and can find anything at any time. I loved it when she decided that Esur would have to follow Drai tradition to court her.

Esur is a frost dragon, one of the last of his race who can still shift, and retains the original talents of his race. As a sleeper, he has been dormant waiting for his destined mate to wake him. I enjoyed the word play between them, and the romance was a delight to watch grow.

There was a bit of controversy thrown in, when an older Drai couple brought their daughter to the planet, trying to match her to Esur. The lengths Esur goes to in order to win Roxanne are impressive.

Do they join Sector Guard, and more important, do they have their happy ever after? Of course they do, and I’m sure we will see Finder and Frost again in the future.