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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dawn of a Viking Sunrise by Tami Dee

Dawn of a Viking Sunrise by Tami Dee
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short (146 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Mists of Time Book Two

Rosie Chan suddenly finds herself alone in the world: Her fiancé is dead, and her best friend is missing in the mist of Time. An unexpected night time call for help from the disembodied voice of her missing friend leads to a series of events which propel Rosie into a spinning vortex of Time.

When Rosie tumbles out of the vortex and into the year 904, she quite unexpectedly falls right into love. But the man who breaks her fall and captures her heart has a secret...

Can she love him, despite his secrets and their differing worlds?

Davyn Nabbodderson is banned from his homeland for a murder he does not know if he committed. He flees to Scotland and seizes Castle Rose Haven, but guilt and loneliness plague him, making his life a bitter existence.

Until, that is, Time delivers Rosie to him. But will Time allow him to keep her?

Get ready to travel into a whirlwind of adventure where a reader gets tossed across time, over continents and through unimaginable hurdles to love and romance.

Rosie is a woman who loses love, regains it and then has villains messing with her happiness. She’s angry, annoyed and downright fed up with the way men mess up the world. It needs a woman’s touch and she is just the person to do it. She can kick butt in martial arts and does so with interesting results. She is also a woman on the fast track to love in a most unconventional way. She’s had experience with the paranormal before but never thought she’d be the recipient of its gifts --such as they are. She has to be a strong woman because her emotions are yanked, pulled, tested and validated from the first moment a reader meets her. She’s got attitude to spare but it is balanced well with compassion and sympathy, street smarts and humor. I admire a woman who grabs the gift of life no matter how bizarrely it’s presented.

The gift is Davyn. Their meeting is noteworthy and humorous. He’s a man who rises to the challenge of survival even when the chips are down. He does the honorable thing as much as possible. He has a secret that he’s kept from Rosie and indeed, I could not fathom any reason he could come up with to justify what he did. That doesn’t get revealed until towards the end of the story. It’s a loop of dynamic storytelling and it’s pretty impressive when all is said and done. It shows the strength and courage of the man inside and a reader knows he’ll be a good husband and excellent protector of those he loves because of the lengths he’s willing to go to set things right. No weak character could accomplish what Davyn does.

The secondary characters are multiple – Davyn’s brother and sister-in-law, his ward and his buddies, his guards and friends, even Rosie’s cousin – they all showcase what gives this story heart. Relationships, emotional connections, loyalty, fear and happiness all weave in and out to give a reader insight into Rosie and Davyn.

The conflict is mostly driven by an outside source. Sure there are internal ones because of culture differences inherent in any time travel, but the villain, Fisher, is devious, corrupt and without mercy. The reasoning behind his obsession is revealed and plausible. The method is pure fantasy but that’s what this book is all about. It’s entertaining, not to mention a bit overwhelming with the addition of Rosie’s cousin, Singlee, and his own time traveling venture wrapped within. I was scratching my head with that twist because I couldn’t understand why the author decided to add more chaos to an already busy story -- another conflict of a seemingly unrelated event. I have to give her credit, it worked. It all was relevant, it tied together and made for an even happier happily ever after than I could have expected. My brain hurts trying to figure out how Ms. Dee kept it all straight.

I would caution a reader that if they feel a bit lost in the beginning of this book like I did, or that things don’t flow quite smoothly, don’t give up. I’m glad I plowed ahead and read it from cover to cover because this romance is chock full of little moments of perfect writing, adorable character interaction and fast-paced dialogue which bring to life the drama and heartbreak that is wrought by time’s whirlwind forces. I would recommend this book for any time-traveling fan or to readers who like a Viking turned Scot – best of both in my estimation – and enjoy reading about love triumphing even over the most astounding of events. It’s a busy book with a busy plot, so slow down and take the time to read it. It‘s worth it.