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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson

Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (270 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

The Quinter Brides Book Three

Howard (Hog) Quinter is hell bent on getting The Majestic, the finest hotel and restaurant west of the Mississippi, open by May 1st. The last thing he needs is interference from his family, but that’s exactly what he gets when Ma Quinter strikes one brisk morning. Sound asleep, Howard rolls over to discover a lovely young woman lying beside him, however, standing at the foot of the bed are his mother, the girl's father, and a blubbering preacher reading wedding nuptials.

Randilynn Fulton runs from a forced marriage to her aunt in Dodge City, only to discover Aunt Corrine is one of Danny J’s brothel girls. If she stays, Randi may become one as well, which would damage her father's chance at running for the Governor’s seat. But it gets worse when she finds herself in the middle of what she ran from—a shotgun wedding, and she’s the bride.

Waking up naked in a strangers’ bed and being forced to marry him may not seem like the ideal way to begin a relationship, but that was before Randi got to know Hog Quinter and his mama!

In this, the third book of the Quinter Brides series, we get to know Howard “Hog” Quinter. If you read either of the first two books in the series you’ll remember that Hog doesn’t just know how to cook but really enjoys it. To that end his family has talked him into building a massive and palatial hotel and restaurant in Dodge City.

The courtship between Hog and Randilynn Fulton is so sweet. I say courtship, even though they are married, because they take several weeks to get to know each other before they ever consummate the marriage. Hog has concern’s regarding his assumed association with Randi’s politically-minded father but he’s so charmed by Randi’s genuine innocence that he works to overcome his reservations. Likewise, Randi is convinced that she can only bring problems to the marriage. Her struggle and personal growth in the book is touching and heart-warming.

Will Randi and Hog be able to overcome their doubts and misgivings about their unconventional marriage? Of course they will! This is a true romance after all. But, you’ll have to read the book to see how they find their HEA.

Because this is a series you’ll be pleased to catch up with Hog’s brothers and their brides. Kid and Jessie as well as Skeeter and Lila join Ma, Snake and Bug to help Hog finish the hotel and welcome Randi to the family as only the Quinter clan can. Ms. Robinson has created a terrific and close knit family with the Quinters. Their love and loyalty to each other and to their “chosen” brides is powerful and endearing. I look forward to seeing who she has in store for younger brothers Snake and Bug.