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Monday, June 28, 2010

Angel's Share by Clare Austin

Angel's Share by Clare Austin
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (275 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

The Fadó Trilogy

Doctor Aidan Kennedy thought he’d left his past behind in the troubled streets of Belfast, but revenge is a hard habit to break. Time and distance have not quenched his thirst to avenge his brother’s murder, nor have they been able to extinguish the image of the beautiful Galway woman who stole his heart one night in a Dublin pub.

Kerry Sloane, the “voice” of the Irish music group Fadá½¹, has fought to overcome devastating loss and grief to start a new life in America and succeed in her career. Now living in Boston, she's on the verge of national recognition.

Tracked by a ruthless killer from Aidan’s past, has she underestimated the price of fame? Four years ago vengeance tore them from one another’s arms. Will it be the catalyst to once again spark the flames of love? Or will Kerry pay the ultimate price of Aidan’s vow to see that his brother’s killer is unmasked?

Kerry Sloane gave Dr. Aidan Kennedy the most precious things she owned—her love and virginity. She broke her vow to God in doing so and now carries the guilt to prove it. Moreover, Aidan chose revenge over her.

She leaves her beloved Ireland to make a new life in Boston. In Boston, she gains success with her music that is as much a part of her as breathing. Surrounded by loving family and friends, she makes a life for herself but grief is her “always” companion. When Aidan shows up in Boston after four years, Kerry must make major decisions.

Aidan’s reality has always been “Trouble”. He feels he has to live his heritage and seeks justice for his dead brother Finn. Moreover, he wants to find out the truth—having no idea what that “truth” will do to his long-held beliefs.

Aidan has seen more violence and human misery than anyone should have to see. He wants to be in the circle of peace and love he sees around Kerry, but he cannot hope for a place there until he does one last thing to put Finn’s memory to rest. He, unknowingly, puts Kerry at risk in his single-minded mission.

The secondary characters influence Aidan and Kerry’s journey while creating subplots of their own. Carolyn Campbell and Jack Tripp work together and love together as they try to solve a twenty-year-old case, often at the expense of Kerry and Aidan. The antagonists from Aidan’s past in Ireland reveal other subplots that are compelling in themselves as well as impacting events in Boston.

Clare Austin makes Mallory, one of the antagonists, come to life with her special descriptions. He is evil personified to the point that it makes one shudder in revulsion.

Of course, many of the characters found in the first book of The Fado Trilogy, BUTTERFLY, contribute to the unfolding of Angel's Share (the title has its own special story—not to be missed).

Clare Austen brings the magic, legends, and lore of the Irish to life in this story. She also reveals the lingering hate and violence of war that kept Ireland in turmoil for so long. The imagery, character development, well-paced action, and a touch of humor make Angel's Share a joy to read. But, the very BEST is the spellbinding love story that runs the gamut of emotions and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride that both terrifies and exhilarates.

Angel's Share is a memorable tale of a hero and heroine’s journey through conflicts and grief to find a happy-ever-after.