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Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Lit Up by Cathryn Fox

All Lit Up by Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (66 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Rebuilding the fire—one kiss at a time.

Pleasure Inn, Book 3

When interior designer Anna Deveau is hired to create a room made for romance at a Victorian inn, she is thrilled—and a little wistful. A fairy-tale ending will never be hers, but perhaps tapping into abandoned dreams will fan the flames for someone else.

Then she learns the only bricklayer available to build the room’s fireplace is Daniel Long. The sexy boy-next-door who filled her teen years with angst, broke her heart—and still colors her nights with red-hot fantasies.

Daniel never understood why Anna stopped talking to him a week before her sweet-sixteen party. Or why the wall between them remains a mile high. But now that he’s back in town, he intends to figure it out once and for all. Pushing the limits of her seductive design, he sets out to prove he didn’t burn her in the past.

Anna finds herself doing the one thing she swore she’d never do again: laying herself bare. Until the ghost of rumors past threatens to snuff out the fiery fantasy that, this time, Anna thought was real.

Interior design meant to inspire love...sounds novel. Now throw in a sexy “boy next door” and you have the makings of a hot story. Read All Lit Up to find out the rest.

I like a good "love rekindled" story. This one fits the bill. Ms. Fox’s story captivated me from page one. There were times when I wasn’t sure how things would end and delighted to see the course of events. At times I felt like I was right there with Anna and Daniel. Other times, I wanted more description. Still, the pacing is quick and makes for a light, breezy read.

The conflict in the story was a tad hard to follow because there were times when I wasn’t sure what the problem was. There were also times when I felt like things almost needed to slow down to draw me back into the story. I realize this is a short story and there is only so much space to work with, but I could see where there were bits that could’ve been expanded.

Daniel is a great hero. He’s realistic. He’s not a total in-control alpha and he’s exactly what Anna needs. I loved that he had his heart on his sleeve. All he wants is to please her and it’s darned sexy. Plus I liked how when he set his mind to romancing her, he did with his whole heart involved.

Anna was hard to love. She has her reasons for distrusting Daniel and they are valid, but there were times when I had a hard time buying into it. She’s got a good heart and trusts deeply, while having a hard time letting go. Her idiosyncrasies are realistic and easy for readers to understand, though, which redeemed her in my eyes.

Be warned, the sex scenes in this story scorch. You’ll want to check the screen for singe marks.

If you want a story that’s a breezy read for a steamy afternoon, then you need to read All Lit Up. I give it 4 cherries.