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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen

Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen
Publisher: Class Act Books
Genre: Paranormal, Time Travel
Length: Full (209 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Harassed by an employer, Suzanne Thibold picks up a pre-read paperback to de-stress and is whisked to 1870 Dry Wells, Texas, inhabited by rank cowboys and town folks. She almost adjusts to the conditions when she learns Oscar Needham bought her as a Mail Order Bride.

A bronco-buster hired by the S-bar-M Ranch, Cady Dillon comforts Suzanne after she is frightened by a shooting fracas below her hotel room. A burst of adrenaline has them making love. Cady knows she's too good for him. He deserts her and heads for the California gold fields.

Suanne awakens in her hotel room, but in the year 2010, still in Dry Wells. She is hired by the town's current banker. Inhabitants she meets seem very familiar. When she gets a flat tire in a mall, Suzanne's former lover's great-grandson fixes it for her. They agree to meet at Dry Wells' Summer Rodeo. Cady (William) Dillon stands Suzanne up, but then appears at her condo after midnight to explain why.

Will she forgive him? What do you think?

Suzanne Thibold, a Certified Accountant, has a surprise in stock. Suzanne is most assuredly bored with 2010, and especially with the un-exciting men she’s met and is going to Setting up for a boring weekend. But Suzanne will find herself anything but bored.

She’s not the romantic sort, we’ll discover, but there is a touch of regret that goes along with that. A tender cowboy that will awaken something she hardly expects within her seems not to exist, even in her imagination. She’s not even sure if she can let herself go enough to really even enjoy sex, or get anything out of a one-night stand.

The unexpected will jolt her out of the doldrums. We’ll find the shift a little jolting too…

Dry Wells Texas 1870, arrives abruptly, with the rough stagecoach ride, and is made totally believable by little details like the leather strap in the passenger compartment for the travelers to cling to. Dialogue is full of the flavor of the day: How you s‘pose Oscar managed to coax a good-lookin‘ gal like this to Dry Wells into marrying him? Sure‘s a surprise to me. A wide grin spread across the cowpoke‘s handsome face.

And Cady makes for an unexpected leading man, what with his rather taunting nature. He’s very believable as a man, and as a cowboy… and I simply loved that touch of the unexpected about him. In fact, I have to admit that I so want Suzanne to cling to him, and not accept any facsimile, not matter how he’s related. Throughout the story, Kilgallen finds the distinctive in the commonplace. Her Old West comes to life, in a way 2010 never quite manages to.

Th story does have a rather wordy style that results in clumsy turns of phrase and some slow descriptions. We spend some boring moments just moving from place to place, in a way that does not further the story. The idea of time travel and meeting the man of your dreams has also been done many times. Still, Kilgallen presents us Suzanne through thoughtful and often clever internal monologue. As readers, our sympathies are engaged as we become closer to Suzanne, and start to see things from her point of view. Buying a few cheap reads to set up for a rainy weekend--now that, I can identify with.

Like Suzanne, I didn’t want to come home to 2010. The challenges faced by Suzanne, the unexpected return, and her once-bored and disinterested heart is completely engaging. This is an enjoyable read, even if the odd line or paragraph is slow. The main character and the heart of this story really make it. Kilgallen’s skill as a storyteller outshines many similar stories.