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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tame The Wild Wind by Anna Small

Tame The Wild Wind by Anna Small
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical (Western)
Length: Full (318 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Spirited Cassie Gibson journeys west to the New Mexico ranch she inherited from her father. She is dismayed to find a hard-edged, blue-eyed stranger staking claim to her land. Since neither of them can prove ownership, they are forced to become reluctant partners. On the run from his past, Jed Hazard only wants a quiet life. But Cassie's arrival changes everything.

When Cassie Gibson and Jed Hazard decide to find an amiable solution for their problem concerning the ranch, a true hero’s journey begins for both of them.

Cassie, with her red hair and freckles, is a vibrant beauty who is outspoken, temperamental, and, early on, tends to judge situations and people by “back East” standards. Having been reared in Boston by a stern uncle, she has no idea of what life is like on a rundown ranch in New Mexico Territory. Only by the goodness of Jed's personality is she spared the unsavory business of managing with no money, no clothes other than what she’s wearing, and no transportation. Intelligent and resourceful, she sets in to learn from Jed and doesn’t shirk hard work - something that is unending on the ranch.

Wrongfully accused, Jed is a fugitive that’s been on the run for a long time. His strong sense of right and wrong had governed his actions that brought about an accusation of murder. Now that strong sense of right and wrong is still governing his decisions. Determined not to pull anyone else into his precarious situation, he struggles to keep his libido under control when it comes to Cassie, who awakened a strong need in him.

As they work side by side to get the ranch up and running, both of them gain self-awareness and get into situations that make Tame The Wild Wind a page-turner. The humor that slips in at times makes the story sparkle.

The antagonists, the schoolmaster and the doctor in town, set hostile forces in motion that make Cassie and Jed take decisive actions. The tension and heart pounding events escalate when Jed’s old enemy resurfaces. With their future at stake, Cassie, with the help of Jed’s brother and some friends, makes a high stakes gamble to save Jed, creating an adrenaline-pumping climax.

Anna Small takes some long-used western themes and creates a fresh, exciting love story that satisfies the heart. A good read that I recommend.