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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pixies In The Park by Viola Grace

Pixies In The Park by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (322 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

The Nexus Chronicles Book 3

Back at home, Abby is inundated by gifts and cards from the Magical community at large. When one gift is more of a surprise than anticipated, the occupants of Oak Point are going to have their hands full finding the first kidnapped Nexus in history. Abby fights for freedom in her own small way, while Xander goes out of his mind to find her. Join the new creatures, new characters and new villains as they try to help, commiserate and destroy Abby in turn.

Life is returning to what passes for normal at Number Thirteen Oak Point Way for Abby and her critters. She has plans to start a line of pixies, and has begun the preliminaries for the creation. She has to get things ready for the upcoming wedding of Verne and Laura, help SeeSee with baby Gaia, and find time for a little down time with Xander.

Her time at the Summit was very successful, and she is still receiving cards and gifts. But one gift brings more than she bargained for, causing confusion and panic all along Oak Point Way.

Once again, someone wants her dead, and she has very little time to get herself out of this one alive. Will people ever stop trying to kill Abby, and let her live in peace? Can a six-inch Nexus find happiness with a normal sized Xander? Can Abby get out of this one and find her happy ever after once and for all?

This was a fun visit to Oak Point Way. I love Abby, Xander and the whole Oak Point Guard. In this third book, Abby has finally gained the confidence to be the strong capable woman she was meant to be. I loved her solution for getting out of her predicament.

This story started out with Abby worried about whether Xander cared for her as much as she did for him, and her insecurity showed through at times. I loved that, although Abby and Xander are magical beings, both had the same relationship insecurities that normal people do. I loved that the wedding, as with most things, did not go smoothly, but it did finally happen. I am sad that Ms. Grace says this is the last of Abby and Xander as main characters, but she may bring them into the Chronicles as secondary characters from this point. I love all of these people and will miss them, until the next book.

For a happy ever after with lots of magical fun and excitement, this one fills the bill quite nicely.