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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Beginnings by Wendy Davy

New Beginnings by Wendy Davy
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Inspirational
Length: Short (38 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Security expert Adam Peyton wants a second chance with the woman who captured his heart and walked away with it several months ago. When he agrees to be her bodyguard on a Caribbean cruise, he takes the opportunity to do much more than just protect her.

When the man who has been haunting Cora Andrews's dreams for months walks back into her life, she must choose to release the pride holding them apart, or risk losing him forever.

Cora’s stepfather is always trying to run her life. She can’t do anything without him interfering. At least he won’t be able to tell her what to do while she’s on a cruise. Wrong!

Adam Peyton works as a bodyguard for the company Cora’s stepfather owns. He and Cora were a couple for a short time, but Adam kept the truth about his job from Cora. He was afraid she would dump him if she found out the truth. He was right. She did dump him.

Now he’s been told to accompany Cora on the cruise to protect her from any danger that might arise. To put it mildly, Cora is not impressed. Adam still loves Cora, but knows there is no chance for them until she comes to terms with her interaction with her stepfather.

Feisty Cora is a young woman with attitude. Her purpose in life seems to be to fight her stepfather on every front even if this means denying herself the company of the man she loves.

Cora’s antics were at times funny and at times childish. Adam was surprising with his patience and dedication to keeping Cora safe. She behaved like a brat, but he still steadfastly refused to let her face even the slightest chance of danger.

I liked this story. Short, but to the point with the protagonists sparking off one another. The author kept me guessing about the ending. Will she or won’t she? It was by no means certain that Cora would decide to turn to Adam. She could just as easily continue on her spoiled brat way, enjoying the sparring with her stepfather.

Well written and an enjoyable way to spend some of your reading time.