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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Matchmakers by Jennifer Colgan

The Matchmakers by Jennifer Colgan
Publisher: Audio Lark Audio Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length : 7 hours 13 minutes
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they just might make a perfect match…

Nick Garret is flypaper for females, and he likes it that way. Women stick for a while, and when it’s over they fly away. So does he. Then one rain-slick night a young woman steps in front of his pickup truck, and his jaded, cynical life takes a sharp swerve toward trouble.

Calliope did the only thing she could think to get Nick to steer his truck—and his life—in a new direction. Banished from the Fae realm for granting a wish gone bad, her punishment is an impossible task; redeem the unredeemable Nick Garret. If she fails to help him pair three couples in everlasting bliss, he’s doomed to never experience real love. And she will share his fate—as a mortal.

Nick can’t decide if this charming, exasperating woman is a dream come true, or a saucy, sexy nightmare sent to drive him insane. Yet something about her makes him want to rise to her challenge. He’ll do anything to make her stick around a while.

Besides, how much trouble can one half-naked, seemingly wingless faerie be?

"The Matchmakers" is a fun, quirky story that I enjoyed very much. In fact, if this review was based solely on the merits of the story alone, the rating for this review would be much higher.

Unfortunately, Audio Lark seriously miscalculated one very important thing when producing this (and I imagine their other) products. This audio book is seven hours and thirteen minutes long, and yet there are no chapter breaks created as stopping points. That means the listener either has to set aside a full seven hours or so to listen to the whole book in one sitting, or they have to try and fast forward to reach the place where they stopped. Believe me I tried this, and it is just too time consuming to be realistic. The only way I could review this was to listen to it through Windows Media where I had a visible slide and timescale to work with.

My reaction to this major, and catastrophic, drawback? As a paying customer I’d bypass this audio brand in future unless they make finding my play a simpler matter.

Having dealt with the negative let me now discuss the positive.

Jennifer Colgan creates wonderful and quirky characters in Nick Garrett and Calliope and backs them up with a kaleidoscope of equally quirky supporting characters.

When Nick is confronted with a woman who claims she is Fae he wonders who let her out of the funny farm.

When Calliope first encounters Nick she becomes aware of the enormity of her challenge. If she wants to return to the Faery Realm, then she has to enlist Nick’s help.

I have to mention that the reader of this book was perfect. Her voice is absolutely spot on for this story and the listener soon becomes fully involved in Jennifer’s characters and the hoops she has them jumping through. The opening chapter is a bit hesitant but as the story evolves the narration become more confident.

If you are ready to listen to a fun story full of quirky characters who lurch from one catastrophe to the next with a dash of Fae and fantasy then this is an audio book for you.