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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Irons In The Fire by Penelope Marzec

Irons In The Fire by Penelope Marzec
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (236 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Descended from fairies, Catherine wears a mystical cross to protect her from the Others. Without her uncle’s ancient book of spells, she cannot harness her powers and though she can foresee the future, she can do nothing to change it.

As her uncle is murdered, she nearly drowns. Britt Jenkins comes to her rescue. He belives she is a fraud when she tries to warn him of his own impending doom, but as he works with her to find her uncle’s killer, he finds himself losing his heart to her.

Catherine falls hard for Britt, and must risk her life in an attempt to save him and foil the plans of the Others.

Catherine Mullaney has come home to take a position on the local paper. The only family she has is her uncle, Mike Taylor, and he is the only one who knows Catherine’s true circumstances.

When Mike is killed in an explosion of his boat and Catherine is nearly drowned, Mike’s neighbor, Britt Jenkins, comes to her rescue. Then Mike’s widow throws her out of the family home, and Britt takes her in against his better judgment. He has many reasons not to like or trust Catherine. When Catherine tells him her uncle was murdered, he is skeptical at first. But things occur that convince both of them that there is more going on than meets the eye. And to make it even tougher for Britt and Catherine, she is of Fae blood with psychic abilities, and he is a nonbeliever in all things paranormal.

Can Catherine convince Britt of her “talent” and gain his trust? Can these two solve the mystery of what is happening in town, and who is behind it all? And can Catherine change Britt’s future--the one she has foreseen and is terrified of?

This is a fantastic mystery story. It is a wonderful love story as well. Catherine is not all that she appears to be when we first meet her. She is a strong woman, one who has had to shoulder the burdens thrust upon her after the murder of her mother when she was a child. She is determined to overcome her past and be successful in her chosen profession of journalism. I love that she just refuses to accept defeat, even when faced with her biggest fears. When she realizes she is starting to care for Britt, she does everything she can to try and change his future.

Britt is a wonderful character: strong, stubborn and determined not to get involved with Catherine. But the danger that surrounds them keeps pushing them toward each other, and soon he is as in love as she is.

The twists in this one were totally unexpected. There are surprises all along the way to the final revelation of who was behind all of the evil in the town. I did not expect some of this at all. I like that in a mystery--not knowing is the best kind of plot.

The romance builds slowly, and for each step these two take toward each other, they take two steps back. I loved it when they finally acknowledged their feeling were real, and the passion they finally let loose was wonderful.

I recommend this for all of the mystery lovers out there. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.