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Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love This Bar by Carolyn Brown

I Love This Bar by Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (366 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

She doesn’t need anything but her bar…Daisy O’Dell has her hands full with hotheads and thirsty ranchers until the day one damn fine cowboy walks in and throws her whole life into turmoil…

He’s looking for a cold drink and a moment’s peace…Instead he finds one red hot woman. She’s just what he needs, if only he can convince her to come out from behind that bar, and come home with him.

Act fast before the something good in your hands slips right through your fingers. But be careful, if you don’t act at all, you’ll always regret it.

Or at least read I Love This Bar. You’ll be glad you did.

I have to admit from the start that I love the books of Carolyn Brown. Her characters pop from the pages and make you feel like you’re right there with them. Her scenes are rich with detail as well. The stories are memorable and when you’re done, you feel like you’re losing close friends.

I Love This Bar is one of her best works.

Daisy is a heroine for the modern woman. She’s fiercely independent and in a way afraid that if she’s with a man, she’ll lose her individuality. But, Ms. Brown writes her in such a fashion that you don’t feel sorry for her. In fact, you want to see her get past the ghosts in her closet (so to speak), and find what makes her happy, besides the bar. She came across a little terse at times, but it helped endear her to me.

Jarod is a complex hero. He wants Daisy from the moment he spots her and is determined to get his way. But he goes about it in such a methodical way that you can’t help but love him. Plus, he’s sexy, which makes it easier to fall under his spell.

The supporting characters in this story add to complexity and humor of the tale. Emmett is full of beans and bluster, but he’s a good guy at heart. Who doesn’t know that one older person who insists on sticking his or her nose in all the time? I think he was my favorite character.

If you want a book to stick with you long after the last page, then you need to read I Love This Bar. I can’t wait for the next story in the series.