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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home in Carolina by Sherryl Woods

Home in Carolina by Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (375 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

There's no place like home, especially if it's Serenity, South Carolina. For Annie Sullivan, though, the homecoming is bittersweet. She'd always envisioned a life there with her childhood best friend, Tyler Townsend. But Ty's betrayal has cost her the family and the future they'd once planned.

For Ty, losing Annie was heartbreaking. Still, he can't imagine life without the three-year-old son whose mother left him for Ty to raise. Ty wants it all—Annie, his child and the future he'd dreamed about—and he's back home in Serenity to fight for it. But getting Annie to forgive and forget may be the hardest challenge he's ever faced. With the stakes so high, this is one game he can't afford to lose.

In Serenity, South Carolina, the Sweet Magnolias, their incredible husbands, and the beginning of the second generation of Sweet Magnolias, otherwise known as Annie Sullivan, know high-tension emotions are inevitable when Ty Townsend returns to Serenity.

Destroyed trust and a broken heart caused Annie to walk away from Ty over three years ago when she learned he was having a baby with one of the groupies that followed the major league baseball team that Ty played with. His super star status warped his good judgment and he took advantage of all the “perks” offered. With a damaged shoulder to rehab and a contrite heart, he hopes to put his life back on track while in Serenity.

Annie, a successful physical therapist, had been crushed by Ty’s infidelity. While they had not been married, they had been committed lovers. Moreover, they had been best friends all their lives. On her return to Serenity, the Sweet Magnolias rallied around her. While unrepentantly meddlesome and a touch ornery, these high-voltage women are furiously protective of their own. They share their hard-won knowledge about life and men with Annie. Their margarita nights, like a call to arms, bring them together as a support group that is a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Over the years, each of their husbands has proven he has the kind of strength to do whatever it takes to win the woman he loves and that he is willing to share power with her in most loving ways. Each, in his own style, makes his wife feel she is the most precious thing in his world and proves it time-and-again. Ah, makes one sigh with satisfaction.

With Ty being the son of one Sweet Magnolia and Annie the daughter of another, things get a little touchy at times, but working things out is what Sweet Magnolias do, even if the husbands do have to lend a hand at times.

Sherryl Woods’ exquisite style of writing weaves delightful humor, unfaltering love, and adorable children into a story about life’s problems--problems like those one reads about in the daily paper. Her characters are totally involved with living, loving, and YES, meddling, but always with the best of intentions.

Home in Carolina is the first in a trilogy that brings the reader the captivating stories of the second generation Sweet Magnolias. Sarah and Raylene, Annie’s best girl friends from high school years, return to Serenity with their lives in shambles, as Annie and Ty struggle to regain that precious connection that had been frayed almost to the breaking point.

Home in Carolina is a multi-layered, compelling love story that touches the hear and soul (and the “funny bone” at times).
Superb Reading!

Sweet Tea at Sunrise (May 2010 release) and Honeysuckle Sunrise (June 2010 release) tells Sarah’s and Raylene’s stories. They join Annie as second generation Sweet Magnolias.