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Monday, May 3, 2010

Goldilocks in a Mudflat by Phoebe Matthews

Goldilocks in a Mudflat by Phoebe Matthews
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Full (86k words)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Ivy

When her boyfriend's ex-fiancée moves in, Claire has to keep a sharp eye out. Tarvik’s ex comes complete with her own stalker, plus instructions to lure Tarvik back to his homeland where sorcery waits to enslave him. And gee, the invitation doesn’t include Claire.

Mudflat is the Seattle neighborhood where old magic lives, including a mage, a coven, a thief, a conman, a wizard, and other neighbors ranging from friends to killers. If they aren’t hanging around Claire’s back gate, it’s because they are already in her kitchen.

The distance from Claire’s house to the graveyard keeps getting shorter.

Yes, it's a series, and I picked it up having only read Book Three of this fascinating paranormal adventure that features warriors and witches from another world hidden around Seattle, Washington. I picked it up because I love a sassy voice that can intertwine the weird with the everyday, and make it sound normal. Author Phoebe Matthews does this with style.

Goldilocks in a Mudflat is another chapter in fortune-teller, Claire's, tumultuous life. Having her sweetheart, Tarvik, at her side, plus some cousins, Claire must deal with Tarvik's ex-fiancée when she shows up in the car. The beautiful golden girl, Alakar, has brought trouble with her. Then Alakar's ex-husband soon appears from their other-world, and the smells and sounds of all things suspiciously werewolf starts happening around town. It's up to Claire and Tarvik to unravel the latest Mudflat mystery and they get it done with a little help and a lot of excitement.

One of Matthews' gifts, besides her ability to write so naturally in first person, is her knack to make each Mudflat book in the series stand on its own. You don't have to begin with the first book to enjoy and understand what is happening in this town full of magical folks. The stories do the explaining. Matthews' voice does the entertaining. If anything, every time I finish a Mudflat story, I really want to start at the beginning of the series just to enjoy the ride all over again.

In this particular episode, I got into the mystery. At times, it felt frustrating to have the obvious clues laid out before me, but the emotional story arcs of each character kept me reading.

Not being an everyday paranormal reader, some may be surprised that I admire and enjoy the Mudflat series with so much enthusiasm. This should say everything about the originality of the stories and the quality of writing from both the author and publishing company. Readers of all genres will get a kick out of meeting Claire and her friends. If you haven't been to Mudflat — you're missing out.