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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gargoyles In The Round by Viola Grace

Gargoyles In The Round by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (306 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

The Nexus Chronicles Book 2

Finally at ease with her newly discovered talent, Abby is ready to face her public. The magical public that is. A Summit has been arranged and everyone who is anyone or anything will be there. Using her celebrity is an uncomfortable situation for her, but with the Oak Point Guard at her side, as well as her creatures, she is prepared to get through anything, even the trial of her arch nemesis. With the panels and festivities contrasting sharply with the solemnity of the trial, Abby feels torn in too many directions.

Can the relationship she has with Xander survive meeting his family, or will social pressures drive them apart? Will the gnomes and gargoyles behave, or will Abby be called in by Hotel Specter security?

Find out in Gargoyles in the Round.

More comfortable with her magic, Abby faces one of the most difficult occurrences yet: a visit from her mother to Oak Point Way. The visit goes surprisingly well, especially when her mother meets Xander, who charms her. After Abby’s mom leaves, Xander tells Abby she has to attend the Summit of the Magical Council. As Nexus, she has to go and meet her public. More important, while at the Summit, she has to provide testimony against her attempted killer. Abby refuses to leave her critters behind, and so her gnomes, and her newer creations, three gargoyles, are convinced to behave if they want to go on the trip.

The Summit is basically a magical convention, where Abby must prove she has what it takes to be Nexus, but also that she is in control of the wild magic so the council doesn’t lock her away like the last Nexus. Can Abby convince the council she is in control? Can she get the council to accept her more modern ideas for the magical community? And can she finally get some quality alone time with Xander?

In this second installment of the Nexus Chronicles, the action is more frenetic than in the first book. I love that Abby fought for the right of half magicals to be recognized, because the council has ignored these folk for too long. I love Abby for her loyalty and her passionate defense of her friends’ right to be in love regardless of species.

The relationship between Abby and Xander is heating up quite nicely by now, although Abby wants more alone time with him, which is difficult with six gnomes and three gargoyles underfoot all the time.

There is more than one happy ever after in this one, and one is a very wonderful surprise. I recommend this as a wonderful escape from the daily routine, and as a way to bring the magic back to your life.