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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wyt and Wild by Viola Grace

Wyt and Wild by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short (85 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Sector Guard 7

Alessandra Wyt has been hooked to computers for the majority of her tenure in the Alliance for her talented intuition, but when an opportunity for reassignment to the Sector Guard came up, she jumped at the chance, so to speak. With her mind unable to handle space travel, she is shipped unconscious across the galaxy. The odds of her ship being damaged and her pod being ejected are astronomical, but she does not have time to do the math on her way down to the uninhabited world beneath her.

Waking in the arms of a strange man is also something she hadn't counted on, but Effin is just the person to rescue the damsel and fight off the predators who see her as an easy snack. With his skills as a hunter, he can find her in the dark, and damned if she doesn't want him to.

Effin is sure of only one thing, if his woman is headed to the Sector Guard, then he is signing up.

It’s the dawn of a new era for The Sector Guard and there are so many changes to adjust to. Fixer and Shade are expecting the first cross-species baby that was naturally conceived. The wedding of avatars Kale and Carella is fast approaching. But the biggest change, and one not revealed to the Guard, is the imminent departure of their leader Hyder Mihal.

That is where Alessandra Wyt comes in. After four years as the most talented relay that the Alliance has, will she be able to win the loyalties of the Sector Guard? When her ship crashes on the small planetoid where Dr. Effin Nywyn is vacationing, he rescues her. Noticing her fragile condition after four years in a tank, Dr. Nywyn accompanies her to the home base of Sector Guard. Can Allie gain the respect and trust of the team, as she takes over as commander? Is Dr. Nywyn willing to accept the position as chief medical officer, to replace Hyder? Most important of all, can Allie accept that she and Effin are meant to be mates, and lead Sector Guard in new and different directions?

I love Viola Grace’s Sector Guard. It reminds me of the old time space serials, with a new episode you just can’t wait to see. I love the mix of the familiar and the unusual that Ms. Grace uses to such marvelous advantage.

Allie is of Terran descent, with the unique ability to relay data streams through space effortlessly, directing the teams from a stationary base. She is emotionally strong, although after four years in a tank, her body is fragile and easily weakened. But she accepts the challenge of a new position heading up Sector Guard, hoping that the teams will come to accept her in Hyder’s place.

Dr. Effin Nywyn is strong, intelligent and more than a match for Allie. His is a decidedly feline race, one that appeals to Allie and strengthens the bond between them. He agrees to fill the Medical Officer position being vacated by Hyder, thus ensuring that Allie’s mate will be close by.

The Sector Guard stories are all filled with romance and fun, but this one more than the others is touching. There is the coming baby, first of a new generation of special beings. There is the marriage of two avatars, and there is the new beginning for Allie and Effin as members and leaders of the Sector Guard. I continue to look forward to more of the marvelous adventures of this band of highly unusual and yet wonderfully romantic characters. I recommend these to all who love adventure and romance. Be warned; each volume leaves you waiting for the next.