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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vow of Seduction by Angela Johnson

Vow of Seduction by Angela Johnson
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical (13th century England)
Length: Full (310 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Sworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades. Captured and left to languish in a lonely prison, the warrior knight is kept alive by the memory of love—and of Lady Katherine’s innocent passion as she cried out his name in ecstasy and made him her own. Upon his escape and return to England, he is shocked to find his beloved is about to marry another man…

Kat refuses to forgive him. But Alex will not be gainsaid. He vows to seduce her all over again and his searching kisses reawaken the sensual fire they once knew—until an enemy determined to destroy them both closes in. Now Alex must risk everything for the one woman whose love he wants forever…

Some vital essence of Kat withered away when the man she loved, wedded, bedded, and abandoned her within twenty-four hours.

Kat knows she acts brazen, overconfident, and too outspoken, but her actions conceal a vulnerability that she has felt since she was five years old—a need to be loved—almost debilitating at times. She survives gossip and innuendo after the abandonment, but her inability to trust becomes the obstacle for her obtaining the love that so long eluded her.

A strong personality, Kat, is intelligent, compassionate, brave, and uniquely beautiful; but she often feels inadequate and fiercely guards her heart that has never healed from being crushed by Alex Beaumont.

Alex, in his youth with its thoughtless ways and its need for adventure, wounded Kat’s heart that she had given so freely to him. However, he suffered atrocities beyond belief in a Saracen prison before escaping and returning to England. At one time, he had been gallant and honorable, but prison stripped him of moral compunction leaving primal instinct that is almost his undoing. As he strives to win back the love he had taken so lightly, he realizes how much damage and hurt he caused the one person who can help him survive the nightmares of his past.

Vow of Seduction has an undercurrent of mystery and suspense that is like a steady hum of bees threatening to swarm from their hive and wreck havoc.

The sub-plots and secondary characters help reveal the foibles, sins, friends, foes, and ambitions of people at court in 13th century England.

Angela Johnson’s attention to the historical facts of the time and her subtle clues of who may be enemies of Alex and Kat, as she weaves a volatile, steamy love story makes Vow of Seduction exciting, sensual, and SO satisfying.