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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twin Sons of Different Mothers by Raine Falconer

Twin Sons of Different Mothers by Raine Falconer
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short (142 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Unlikely Partners Book One

People are dying in Colorado... violently and without apparent reason, stumping local police.

When Mac arrives in Colorado, his plan is to help an old friend solve the puzzle of the Alphabet Killer. On the tail end of a nasty divorce, he never expected to find a woman as intriguing and beautiful as his new, temporary partner - Detective Kieren Carlson. But she is both, and soon he finds himself as captured by Kieren as he is by the case.

Kieren is determined to solve the puzzle of the killings before more people have to die. With Mac's help, the truth is revealed one devastating and surprising detail at a time. But, can they stop the killer before someone else has to die?

Kiersen Carlson earned her homicide detective status fair and square, but the testosterone-fueled hostility in the squad room makes her job doubly difficult. Thorough, persevering, conscientious, and dedicated, she builds her cases with organization, expert research, and an eye for detail. When Dr. James MacConnell, an expert profiler, comes in as a consultant and is partnered with her, Kiersen’s life picks up speed, both professionally and personally.

Her little “pocket-rocket” BMW–Z4 is her indulgence and her special companion is Kevin—a sturdy, 12 pound little Havanese dog that is smart as a whip and eager to please his person.

Dr. James MacConnell, successful and rich, recognizes the actions of human beings and has dealt with them as a psychiatrist, teacher, and profiler, but he cannot seem to manage his manipulative ex-wife. Not looking for a relationship with a woman, he finds himself drawn to Kiersen as he works with her. As she struggles with the horrific deeds of a serial killer, Mac tells her that while human beings are “capable of great beauty, amazing learning, and genuine acts of courage”, some will always find ways to “abuse, torture, main, and kill” others.

The dynamics of the detective squad and the escalating events in the “Alphabet Killer” case make this story a high-tension, horrifying tale at times. As Mac and Kiersen work on the case, they get close to the killer but seem to always be one-step behind, making this story a real page-turner.

Of course, I longed for a more defined happy-ever-after for Mac and Kiersen even if his ex did set up obstacles. However, the suspense and the fast pace of the police work make Twin Sons of Different Mothers thrilling and sometimes chilling entertainment.