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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tempted by Lori Foster

Tempted by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (521 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Three steamy classics from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.

Little Miss Innocent?
For Dr. Daniel Sawyers, sex therapist Lace McGee is a puzzle. While she keeps putting inappropriate ideas into his sister's head, Lace is even better at putting naughty thoughts into Daniel's head. But just how down 'n dirty is Lace really?

Annie, Get Your Guy
No one likes being treated like a kid sister—especially by someone as sexy as Guy Donovan. So when Annie Sawyers sets out to seduce Guy once and for all, she tracks down every book about sex she can find. One of them has to work, right?

Messing Around with Max
Maddie Montgomery needs a couple of notches on her bedpost—fast. Rumor has it that Max Sawyers is just the man to show her the goods…and then some. Now, if she can just get past his dog!

Seduction and desire aren’t always the easiest things to control. But it’s a blast and darn sexy to try!

First I have to confess that this book is really a collection of three of Ms. Foster’s earlier Harlequin stories, but they are all worth a second, third, or fifth reading. Ms. Foster has a gift for story-telling that drew me in from page one and kept me in my seat for the full 521 pages, which is a feat (and well worth it!).

The collection starts with Little Miss Innocent. Lace is a conundrum. She’s a prude who gives sexy advice and Dr. Daniel Sawyers wants to taste her delights. I liked this story because Lace is a fragile yet resilient person. She’s got demons in her closet that she’s hard-pressed to release, but it drew me to her. I wanted to see her get her heart’s desire-Daniel. I also liked her tendency to put up thick walls around her heart. It made her more realistic and charismatic.

The second story, Annie Get Your Guy, made me cry and laugh out loud. How best to seduce a guy? According to Annie, it’s in a book. I liked her forthright approach and her vulnerability. She wants Guy to see her as sexy, not Daniel’s little sister. And who hasn’t felt the fear of wanting to be loved without prejudice? My favorite parts are the little one-liners only close friends can share. Annie and Guy know each other so well, it was like reading about a couple of my good friends falling in love.

The final story, and my favorite, is Messing Around with Max. Max the third sibling in the Sawyers family is a Romeo. He’s gotten around, but he’s ready to settle down. Enter Maddie. She wants nothing more than to tarnish her image—with Max. But there’s a small fly or two in the ointment. Max doesn’t want a short term fling with her. He wants the whole shebang. And then there’s his overprotective dog, Cleo. I love stories with animals and this one showed how a dog can bring two people together when destiny isn’t enough. What I liked best was Maddie’s determination—she doesn’t want to fall in love with him or the dog, but the inevitable seems to happen and watching it unfold is a real treat.

If you want a collection of stories that will warm your heart and find a place on the keeper shelf, then you need to get a copy of Tempted.