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Monday, April 5, 2010

Out Of Mind by Stella Cameron

Out Of Mind by Stella Cameron
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Length: Full (394 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Willow Millet longs to deny her family's exceptional gifts—paranormal talents known to few, shared by even fewer. Benedict Fortune is one such—a connection that should have strengthened the undeniable bond between him and Willow. But her self-doubt has driven them apart.

Married instead to her business, Willow's concierge we-can-do-anything service is thriving until it is hit by a string of bizarre and fatal accidents—every victim a client. Now her livelihood depends on two enigmatic socialites and their notoriously decadent parties. In this anything-goes atmosphere, Willow and Ben are thrown together again and their need for each other is as strong as ever, but they are challenged at every turn….

For dark forces are stalking Willow—coveting her gift as a means of cheating death…and ruling New Orleans forever.

Steamy as summertime in New Orleans, Will Millet and Ben Fortunes’ love permeates Out Of Mind. Like an electrical storm, their coming together shocks enough to bring pain that pleasure overrides and ecstasy remains.

Willow Millet, steadfastly declaring she is normal in a family of paranormals, struggles with acknowledging her emerging powers and talents. Quiet, with a trouble heart and worried, she works hard to be independent as the works to make a success of her business Mean ’n Green. She is targeted by the shape shifting Embrans that want to take over New Orleans.

Ben Fortunes, the love of Willow’s life that she sent away, is a powerful paranormal like her brother Sykes—some call them wizards. Ben is skilled, strong, gorgeous, flamboyant, and free-spirited and uses his powers and talents to the fullest. When he returns to New Orleans, he feels just as attracted to Willow as ever. He wonders why she broke away from him. He knows there is more to it than she told him. Back from Kauai, he becomes her guardian whether wanted or not.

The shape shifting Embrans that come from under the earth morph into shapes from beautiful people to hideous flying monsters, and sometimes even to invisible little tormentors. Determined to take over New Orleans to survive, they launch a deadly campaign. Their vicious, horrifying activities are hair-raising.

All the characters enchant and weave a web around the readers to make them feel as if they are privy to their paranormal family secrets, to their fears, and to their deep-down desires.

Stella Cameron keeps the reader in suspense and slips in a subtle humor that brings sparkle to the story. The little dog Mario intrigues and entertains as he helps propel events along so his much-loved Willow can find her happy-ever-after with the fantastic Ben Fortunes. Her loves scenes come alive with both physical and emotional intensity. They leave one breathless, seething, heavy breathing, chilling, and thrilling, Out Of Mind enthralls.