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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Open Face Of Heaven by BK Reeves

The Open Face Of Heaven by BK Reeves
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Western
Length: Short (40 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Orange Blossom

The Orphan Train Legacy Book 2

Just what the doctor ordered... After losing her parents, Milly Blakely cut her hair and pretended to be younger to get on the Orphan Train. She’s come a long way to find a new family. Her heart hungers for someone to love. When she spies a frail and sick-looking young woman with a frowning, yet handsome man at the Orphan Train’s stop in Addison, Kansas, she knows she can help these people and can’t wait to get started. But can she love these hurting people without getting hurt herself? Rad Powell’s wife, Frances, is dying. He gives in to her wish for a companion and takes in Milly Blakely. Milly is a blessing and so much more than a mere companion during Frances’ last days. After the loss of his wife, he realizes how much this young woman has changed his life and touched his bruised heart. Can he find a second chance at love?

BK Reeves has written a unique, quietly passionate and alluring story which will be hard to forget.

This was a very interesting story...different too. It isn't very often that the hero of a story is married to someone else at the beginning. But you feel for Rad and his situation of still being a young man with a dying wife. His marriage hadn't turned as he imagined. His feelings for his wife have changed over the course of her illness and his heart is heavy. Then he meets Milly who is almost the opposite of his wife as she is so alive and vibrant. Milly is a sweet, caring young woman. She hadn’t intended to fall for Rad. She came into the Powell home out West to have a new start. After Frances dies, she has to examine her heart for what course she should take.

I felt slightly mesmerized by the writing. Something about it kind of lulled me in and I had to keep reading. Ms. Reeves is very talented. This story includes great characters, wonderful tension and emotional drama. In the course of only 40 pages, that is quite a feat. This is one not to be missed.