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Monday, April 19, 2010

Most Eagerly Yours by Allison Chase

Most Eagerly Yours by Allison Chase
Publisher: Penguin Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (362 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

First in a spectacular new series of historical romance-sexy with a touch of intrigue.

Raised on their uncle's country estate, the four orphaned Sutherland sisters formed a close friendship with the young Princess Victoria. Shortly before her coronation as queen, Victoria asks the sisters to serves her in matters requiring the utmost discretion.

They are to become her secret servants. The first to serve is Laurel- who poses as a widow to uncover a traitor, and discovers instead an irresistible rogue conducting his own undercover investigation.

Loyalty and duty govern Laurel Sutherland’s life and have for as long as she can remember. When a childhood friend, Victoria, now Queen Victoria, asks Laurel for her help, she does not hesitate. Furnished with all the trappings and a story of being a young widow rather than a na├»ve young woman in her early twenty’s, Laurel enters society in fashionable Bath to do her secret job for the queen.

The rapscallion Queen Victoria warned her to avoid fascinates Laurel and awakens feelings in her that she never knew where there. However, she senses he is more than he appears to be and may be a part of the puzzle the queen sent Laurel to solve. Laurel’s assertiveness, insight, and uncorrupted charm get her close to answers she needs, but also entangle her in dangerous intrigues.

Aiden, Earl of Barensforth, has given his life over to service of his country, acting so many roles in his undercover work, he is no longer sure who his true self is. He has kept his own internal enemies at bay while uncovering and neutralizing his country’s enemies.

His clandestine life takes him to Bath where he must face his own issues while unraveling a fraud that might finally help him get answers for an assignment he has worked on for five years. He doesn’t know how Laurel figures into it all, but he knows she touches that part of him that has been kept under wraps since his father’s death. It scares him more than the many dangers he deals with all the time.

Allison Chase weaves a web of mystery, intrigue, greed, secret liaisons, and not-so-secret liaisons with a fast-changing social structure. Her remarkable descriptions give the reader an incredible view of historic Bath in the 19th century. She also weaves in the mores and foibles of the idle rich and the ‘not-so-rich’ that immerse the reader in the culture of that segment of society in England.

Amid all the doubts, duplicity, deceits, and dangerous deeds, a love slips in that surpasses all the machinations. It shines new and true, even breathtaking at times. A truly lovely read that I give four books.