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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Montana Magic by Fran Shaff

Montana Magic by Fran Shaff
Publisher: Wings ePress
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (200 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

As a social scientist, Deanna never believed in the mythical idea of romantic chemistry between men and women. Then, while visiting her sister in Montana, she meets C.R. Whitmore who teaches her that everything she theorized about romantic relationships might just be more fallacy than fact.

C.R. has secret reasons for being in Montana, reasons he’d never shared with another soul. He’s single-minded and focused--until he meets Deanna. How could one small woman create such big changes in his life?

Pit logic against emotion and add in the childhood dreams and nightmares of the heroine and hero and you will not expect a straight-forward love story that follows a smooth and easy path.

This sweet romance lacks pace and sharp conflict, but for all that there is plenty of tension whizzing between Cade Whitmore and Deanna. If you enjoy wide open spaces, hunky ranchers, you’ll enjoy this read. If you are born to city life and consider no other, then you’ll totally relate to Deanna’s dilemma.

Priorities and allegiance, self-belief and trust all play a major role in this story and as the pages turn you watch the hero and heroine grow. The secondary characters –with the possible exception of ‘Miss Becky’ do not intrude, but the reason behind Miss Becky’s insistence in being an integral part of Cade’s life become clear before you turn the final page.

If I have a problem it is with the author’s constant reference to the loss of Deanna’s parents and yet throughout the story her aunt, uncle and cousin are referred to as ‘mother’, ‘father’, and sister which confused the issue somewhat.

Fran Shaff’s writing style suits the sweet content of her story and lets her characters come alive on the page. For those looking for a sweet read, this is a book well worth considering.