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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Matter of Trust by Judi McCoy

A Matter of Trust by Judi McCoy
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Length: Full (268 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Hiding from her abusive husband, Abby August has lived a lie for 4 years. As a gifted psychic she makes a living reading customers over the phone in order to stay home and care for her 9 year-old daughter. When a stranger moves in next door and befriends her child, she soon finds out the stranger is after her.

Ex FBI agent Matt Layton had located his target, but soon learns Abby August is not the faithless wife Roman Zanelli projected. More importantly, Abby and Kate have helped him find the family he lost several years earler. But can he protect them from a serial killer… and an angry husband who has vowed to see them dead?

Gripping! It is the only word to describe A Matter or Trust. There are more twists and turns than the most hazardous switchback road ever constructed. Judi McCoy has built strong characters who reveal flaws they have either faced and grown, or have yet to come to terms with. And sometimes both!

In the midst of betrayals, lies and murder it is difficult to know who to trust and Abby will not trust easily, after all she has a young daughter to protect from the one man who should have been there to protect them both. And yet sometimes it seems to Abbey, ‘ten’-year-old Kate is her protector, so it is surprising when she disobeys they one major rule and talks to her new neighbour, John.

Kate reminds John of his late daughter, whose death turned the direction of his work, and he’s determined to make a success of his new work, so when he discovers his client lied to him he has some serious soul-searching to contend with. When he calls in his former boss and finds out he’s been manipulated, he has a hard time holding onto his trust.

As indicated in the title, trust or the lack of it, is woven, layer by layer through this gripping tale. The writing is fluent and fast, the descriptions transport you to the various locations so smoothly, you almost forget you are reading a book. When a door slams, you jump, when fresh bread is taken from the over the aromas fill your senses and when the passion flows… Well the next morning you are as heartbroken as Abbey when everything goes belly-up.

Abbey and John, who admits his real name is Matt, are tested to the edge of endurance before the final chapter ends and you do have to read the final pages to fit the final piece into the jigsaw that is this intriguing and stimulating romantic suspense, with a dash of paranormal.

"A Matter of Trust" is an edge-of-your seat romantic thriller that I highly recommend.