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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love For Christmas by Kate Hofman

Love for Christmas by Kate Hofman
Publisher: Dark Castle Lords
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short (147 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Nick and Ellie have been divorced for two years, due to the vicious machinations of Monique, his secretary, who hoped to marry him. After the divorce Nick makes it clear to Monique that he wants nothing to do with her. Unfortunately, Ellie does not know that.

When they meet, accidentally, at a hotel in the Quebec countryside, they begin to resolve their differences, and confess to each other that they did not want the divorce.

While they are in the Bar Intime, suddenly Monique appears. Is she there at Nick's invitation, as she tells Ellie, or is she stalking Nick?

How can Ellie be sure Nick is serious about her? Does he really want to marry her again, as he says -- or is he merely having a fling with her?

What happens when a good love goes bad by way of a screwy misunderstanding and a woman wearing way too much cologne? You end up with Love For Christmas.

The premise of this story is sweet – mutual misunderstanding leading to a super spicy weekend vacation that just so happens to take place over Christmas. Ms. Hoffman made me feel like I was there at the resort with Nick and Ellie as they rekindled the lost love. The antagonist in this story cracked me up in her absolute lunacy. She wants what she wants so badly, she’s willing to become a caricature of herself.

I liked the love story embedded within the plot, but there were many times when the love was a tad cumbersome. The plot came across as lumbering in spots. Nick and Ellie had moments where, yes, things seemed in limbo, but during those times, I was taken out of the story by the slow pacing. If they’d just talked, then many of the issues could’ve been resolved.

I also wanted to see the antagonist stick around the story longer. I felt her place in the story could’ve been much more substantial, instead of where she was relegated. But the secondary story of the Auntie and Alain was a bright spot I didn’t expect and completely adored.

If you want a story about a sweet love rekindled at Christmas, then you need to read Love For Christmas.