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Friday, April 16, 2010

Like Lazarus by Ellen Margret

Like Lazarus by Ellen Margret
Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Genre: Paranormal, Mystery
Length: Full (207 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Rafe Acer never ceased to exist when murdered. He spends twenty years as an avenging spirit in the astral realms, visiting his frozen corpse regularly. Miraculously brought back to life by Doctor Selena Steele, he seeks justice and finds his second chance at life becomes a second chance at love.

In a creepy return from the dead, Rafe Acer, like a modern-day Lazarus, returns. On the one hand we expect him to be something like a zombie, while what he actually is, on the other hand...well let’s just say it: he's HOT. Ellen Margret comes up with an intriguing and incredibly novel plot and main characters in Like Lazarus. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been an other-life fan for half a decade, you’ve not read the undead done like this.

Rafe is driven; first by a need, a desperate, unending desire. It seems that it's for justice or retribution…and it is, in a way. More seriously, he seeks closure, and he regrets the loss of his life. Later, more factors come into play; like the feelings of his heart. Make no mistake, at the heart of Like Lazarus is a wonderful and touching love story.

Rafe’s good friend Cedric helps him (and us) understand his place in the universe. Selena, lovely lady, becomes the woman that helps him find his way into an earthly existence… and to so much more. She’s well-meaning and competent, and is an easy main character to admire.

To say that both characters have a past is to put it mildly – many things, such as Selena’s ex, Rex, complicate matters. Secondary characters play a serious role throughout, and even some of those character’s loves have an impact of Rafe. He is a remarkably perceptive person. The plot becomes complex as we try to figure out the bad guys, but it totally engaging from start to finish.

Love and friendship here are as powerful as malice and greed. Still, Ms. Margret is not afraid to use light lines or quips, and subtle humor throughout. These especially further humanize Rafe. I loved lines like, “These frigid conditions have kept me fresher than a trout in a freezer.” Not funny for poor Rafe, but definitely a surprise to the reader. Dialogue throughout is plausible, quick, and interesting. Can’t think of something nice to say? Let’s talk embroidery.

This book is unique, fresher than a frozen trout, full of the unexpected and with more than a touch of spine-tingling romance. It is all the better for the unexpected.