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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cop by Cara Summers

The Cop by Cara Summers
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (230 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Off-duty detective Nik Angelis is the first on the scene at a wedding gone very, very wrong. The only witness is the caterer, a fiery redhead named J. C. Riley, who's eager to make her statement. So eager, in fact, Nik can't help thinking of other things she could do with her mouth…

Sassy, smart-mouthed J.C. is in serious danger, and she knows it. She needs Nik's protection. But what she wants is his rock-hard body.

Nik aims to be professional, but "Bodyguard with Benefits"? A man can take only so much.

The Cop has a seduction scene that melted me into a puddle. In fact that wasn’t the only time in this book that made me want to swoon – this book is chock full of total satisfaction.

Before I start talking about each of the main characters, I want to say that the overall tone of this book is sunny, positive, upbeat, well balanced with just enough dramatic pepper to spice it up and rev up the heat. It’s the kind of book that could start my day on the right foot. As it was, I read it right before bed, so I had a fun sleep. *wink*

J.C. is the feisty heroine with an interesting reaction to stress. It’s sort of comedic and plays well off the hero, Nik, in a few scenes. She’s full of vim and vigor for life, stubborn and determined and totally in tune with her inner vixen. What I mean by that, and what I found refreshing and endearing, is her willingness to not play games with what her heart and libido are telling her. Nik makes her violins sing and her inner cat purr. She doesn’t fight it and in fact is the one who comes up with the ‘sex buddy’ idea. That whole thread of their relationship had me grinning. What a terrific development. And wait until you get to the scene where she seduces Nik! Talk about great writing – it was so hot and sexy and a treat to read that I had to read it twice.

Nik is one delicious hero. He’s tough, tender, hot to trot and yet very dedicated, serious and effective at his job. I don’t even believe I’m using enough words to do his character justice. I don’t want to sound like a groupie, but I enjoyed the way he was written. I just flat out liked him. I adored the way he spoke of his family and the way he interacted with them. I think it’s a treat to find a man who doesn’t shy away from the woo-woo factor that is in his family line. I found it enhanced my reading enjoyment.

The secondary characters comprised of family and villains, co-workers and friends. All played into the tease of intrigue that is the main conflict throughout this book. Even though this book hints at a continuation of a dangling plot thread because it is the first of three in a series, the romance between J.C. and Nik is completely and satisfactorily wrapped up with a sexy bow.

The Cop is a book that is going straight onto my keeper shelf and my hunt for the other two books in the series starts now. I am totally hooked on Nik and his two brothers and the whole mystery of who-done-it, that I’m stuck in a state of anticipation and wonder. I’m extremely happy with J.C. and Nik’s HEA but I can’t wait to read the rest of this three book series by this very talented and exciting author. The Cop rocked!