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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Christmas Of Hope by Keelia Greer

Christmas Of Hope by Keelia Greer
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Holiday, Contemporary
Length: Full (157 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Linette MacDougal is having a tough time this year--the death of her mother and now the house she grew up in may be taken away. The bright spot in her life is Hope Claus, one of her kindergarten students. When she meets Hope's father, Nick, she begins to believe in the magic of Christmas once more.

Schoolteacher Linnet seems to be living life under a dark cloud. As the holidays approach, she could hardly be more down… until chance brings handsome and surprising Nick Claus into her life. His name should have been a tip-off; and no doubt readers will begin guessing where this is going straightaway. Easy predictability is by no means a hallmark here, however. There are fun twists, and quite suddenly the intervention of the hard-to-predict Fae; and once a magical force starts directly your life, things get far more surprising.

Greer gives us incredibly original descriptions, even for common place things; (Linnet’s Texas drawls slithers like honey on a biscuit.) And the real prize here is tha magic or not, the characters are still fantastically believable and incredibly human – but here suddenly we experience the value of a friendship, the love of the child – its all so much more than it might have been. Linnet is wonderfully human and believable, and best friend Marianne only makes Linnet a yet more sympathetic character.

Backstory is delivered in a rather mechanical way, but slows that pace and alters the aura at only a few brief points; very forgivable. This is really all about holiday magic and love, after all.

For a holiday read every bit as sweet as hot chocolate and marshmallows, do pick up Christmas of Hope. This has a special appeal to those that like a little magic in their life…