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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blood Curse by Crystal-Rain Love

Blood Curse by Crystal-Rain Love
Publisher: ImaJinn Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (229 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Blood Revelation Book 1

The Blood Revelation Prophecy
Vampires, witches, and shifters will band together to stop the darkness from winning until one warrior is born to save the world from Satan's wrath.

When Aria Michaels sets out to find the vampire who took her mother’s life, she’s stunned when she finds Rialto Renaldi, the vampire who has been haunting her dreams, instead. She hadn’t believed he was real, and she knows she should run from Rialto as fast as she can. But who better to help her find her mother’s killer?

Rialto is reluctant to help the mortal woman who has invaded his dreams, even though he’s curious about who she is and why she has this strange connection to him. He isn’t, however, about to satisfy his curiosity. The last time he became involved with a mortal, he ended up destroying her. But he knows that if Aria searches for the killer on her own, she’ll join her mother in death.

Finally, Rialto agrees to help Aria, but the pair soon learns that fate brought them together for a much larger purpose, and fate has every intention of destroying them if they don't fulfill their roles in the Blood Revelation Prophecy.

Can Aria see past the monster to the man beneath, and fulfill the prophecy of the Blood Revelation?

Aria Michaels has dreamed of him for years, and lately, the dreams have become hotter and more compelling. Rialto Renaldi doesn’t believe in the prophecy, and refuses to consider the implications involved in denying the truth. The world is not a pretty place, with demons running rampant and vampires trying to stop the demons. The Blood Revelation says that a vampire and his true mate will have a child that will be able to bring light to the darkness, and save the world. Rialto’s mother believes Rialto is that vampire and that Aria is his destined mate. One big problem with that theory is that Rialto is a vampire…and Aria is a vampire hunter! Can Rialto overcome Aria’s prejudices and show her that not all vampires are evil? Will he be able to resist the addiction he has to Aria’s blood, and keep her safe? Will these two be the salvation the world so desperately needs?

Crystal-Rain Love has built a dark and brooding world, one where evil is determined to win out. Her characters and the dark and brooding atmosphere of this book drew me in. Sometimes I like my books to bring the goose bumps, and this one certainly did that.

Aria is determined to find and destroy the vampire that killed her mother. She is strong and sure that she is following the right path. Rialto is tall, dark and broodingly sexy, everything Aria sees in her dreams. He is also a vampire; one of the monsters Aria believes killed her mother. The conflict in Aria is well depicted here. Although drawn to Rialto, she believes him a monster. She is also confused as to her own true self, until Rialto convinces her she can be who she really is-a strong independent woman who just happens to be of mixed race.

Rialto resists Aria as much as he can, but is drawn to her, and must fight attraction every step of the way, even if it means his death, for he will die without Aria’s blood. The love scenes between Aria and Rialto are explosive, hot enough to ignite ice. When Aria discovers the truth - that vampires aren’t responsible for the murders taking place, she is shocked and a little scared. Especially once she is targeted by the evil stalking the world.

Do these two destined lovers find the happy ever after they so richly deserve? Only after much hardship and trial, and again only after Aria accepts who and what she is. I recommend this for those who want an excellent reading experience, and I look forward to the rest of this series.