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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ties That Bind by Keena Kincaid

Ties That Bind by Keena Kincaid
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full (395 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

A druid who denies himself nothing desires the only woman who believes magic and love don't mix.

AEDAN ap OWEN misuses his Sidhe gifts for his own personal pleasures and the king's dark business at the Plantagenet court. Sent north to investigate rumors of treason and dispatch the troublemakers, Aedan discovers someone is murdering monks and stealing saints' relics. And all clues point to his kinsman the Earl of Carlisle.

LADY TESS of BRIDSWELL refuses to rekindle her relationship with Aedan. She knows his reputation as a secret stealer--and she has a secret that must be kept. But her resolve falters when her uncle promises her hand to a man she despises and Aedan appears her sole salvation.

But a would-be king uses the stolen relics to amplify his power, wielding it like a weapon. Meeting the traitor's magic with magic could prevent war, but it also would destroy Aedan's chance to show Tess he has at least mastered the temptation of the ancient wisdom. Can he renounce his magic to win Tess' heart anew or will Aedan choose magic over love?

Music, magic, and mayhem mingle in Ties That Bind to make undercurrents that sweep the characters along in a maleficent plot to replace the king with a man who is mad for power. But, most of all it showcases how a love, too long denied stealthily makes its way among all the intrigues, machinations, and evil to assert itself in order to reunite soul mates that had been cruelly separated five years ago.

Keena Kincaid, with her own magical way with words, takes the reader to 12th century England. Aedan and Tess are caught up in a traitorous political plot that threatens not only their lives but also the lives of those they love. The masterful development of Aedan and Tess gives the reader insight into their deepest longings, regrets, sorrows, and fears. The magic that comes into play and the seductive imagery entices the senses and emotions of the reader.

Misused and undisciplined magical powers and ordinary powers create misery and dangerous circumstances for the many remarkable characters in Ties That Bind. Darling little four-year-old Brigid who says her kisses are magic is not to be missed.

The antagonists and their misguided ambitions and beliefs create a tension that keeps the reader’s nerves on edge. Their desire for power erodes their humanity and ultimately leads to their demise, but not before making a living hell for the people they should have had a special affinity with.

The intriguing plot and the captivating characters come alive with Keena Kincaid’s remarkable descriptions and exquisite imagery—modern magic that enchants.