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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Revenge by Rachel McNeely

Sweet Revenge by Rachel McNeely
Publisher: Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (151 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Mimosa

Madeline Roush's computer company is under attack. As CEO, she reluctantly returns to Houston to meet her company's enemy. She didn't expect the man to look like a fallen angel.

Trace Harwood is set on revenge. He wants to take over Roush Computers from the men who held him back ten years ago. He didn't expect to fall for the beautiful CEO, or put her in his line of fire.

But Trace is determined to take the company, even as his feelings for Madeline grow and their desire peaks during a weekend spent together. When he finally gains control of Roush Computers, Madeline leaves town. Will Trace realize his mistake, and if he can ever find her, can he make amends to the woman he loves?
In Sweet Revenge, author McNeely provides a corporate romance with the requisite Alpha hero and independent heroine. As the head of Roush Computers, Madeline Knight Roush is determined to save her company from a ruthless corporate raider, Trace Harwood. The problem is that this pair of business adversaries develop an irresistable sexual attraction the first time they meet.

Their relationship, which appears wholly sexual at first, develops parallel to the corporate subplot, which involves Madeline's brother, Patrick; her ex, Ted; and Harwood that impact's the couple's time together in the city. When Trace invites Madeline to his ranch, it'sTrace's ex-fiance, Jenny, who causes trouble for Madeline.

It's all too much for the budding relationship to survive. Madeline eventually turns her shares in Roush Computer over to Trace voluntarily and disappears. By the time he locates her, with the help of private investigators, she is several weeks pregnant.

Although the corporate storyline is plausible and Trace's motives are well-explained, it's a little puzzling how two such strong-willed people allow themselves to be dominated by their physical attraction. Nevertheless, their hearts eventually catch up with their desire, and love leads to a reunion of the permanent variety.

If you like domineering Alpha heroes harboring tender hearts, heroines whose cool, beautiful exterior cloaks burning passion, and settings filled with glitz, glamour and beautiful people, Sweet Revenge is your kind of romance.