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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sharp Points Of The Triangle by Rachel Brimble

The Sharp Points Of The Triangle by Rachel Brimble
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (222 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

A humorous look at love and second chances.

Hannah Boyd has been crowned the youngest Independent Financial Adviser in the UK. She has kicked out her boyfriend whose idea of romance is leaving skid-marked boxers on the bedroom floor, or sharing a chillie-kebab in front of the football game on a Saturday night. She is successful, single and about to secure one of the wealthiest men in England as one of her clients. But then the one person she never wanted to see again reappears as her biggest rival.

Jamie Young never stopped loving her, but is now competing against her in the cut-throat business world. He has to find a way to secure both the lucrative client and Hannah. Will she agree to work for him so he can keep her close and let him mend the heart he broke so badly? Or has he lost her forever?

Ms. Brimble’s confrontational writing style suits her main character, Hannah Lauren to a ‘T.’ Hannah tells her story in the first person, and seems to have more sharp points herself than a triangle. She’s achieved in her field, (Finance) she’s dumped the under-achieving, less-than-ideal boyfriend without regret… although, er…he does still seem to be living in her house. And, he’s not all that willing to depart…

Hannah flips back and forth madly between being a tough-shelled over-achiever with a hard-heart to being an overly sympathetic, indecisive character who gains strength from self-help books.

Mark doesn’t waffle at all; he comes across as a (slightly dazed) whiner with apparently nothing going for him at all. We have to wonder how Hannah ever hooked up with him in the first place. He also gives off an incredibly creepy vibe that only gets reinforced going forward. You start to feel like the miserable man is actually in the room with you.

Believable characters are Ms. Brimble’s strong suit. Hannah immediately shares her challenges dealing with her rotund boss and associate Miss Willoughby. Things go from not good to worse, there, pretty quickly. And Mark still has trouble identifying a ‘no’ as a ‘no’ …but all that’s nothing compared to the challenge that lands before her! Just when she’s turning that over in her mind, Jamie Young, from her past leaps back into her life. Or not, actually… because there really is history there, too.

The Sharp Points Of The Triangle is a non-stop high-speed soap opera about the tempestuous life of Miss Hannah Lauren, and not one moment of it is a bore! In the first paragraphs I felt certain the style would never be my favorite, and by page two I was chuckling and somewhere around page 20 I found myself howling with laughter and simply unable to put the book down. There are a lot of laughs here, but more; there’s shared frustration, anger, and a good dose of lust as well. Even if you think this sort of thing isn’t for you – The Sharp Points Of The Triangle, is the one to pick up to try something new.