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Monday, March 22, 2010

Savage Rescue by Chastity Bush

Savage Rescue by Chastity Bush
Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Short (79 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Lavender

Chief Tall Bear is shocked when he learns of the stolen lady in his teepee but cannot overcome the pull she has on him once he meets her. He knows her presence will bring trouble to his peaceful village but cannot keep himself from her. From her long dark hair, to her deep blue eyes, he is pulled to her like a bear to honey. He is determined to have her. Both in his bed and in his life.

After a lifetime of beatings at the hands of her father and his ranch hands, Cecily Smith has been rescued, or kidnapped. Either way, she is grateful. Especially when the man they called Chief Tall Bear presents himself to her. Unable to explain or contain the odd rush of emotions flooding her, Cecily finds herself aching to learn all that Bear has to teach.

Savage Rescue by Chastity Bush is a delightful short story. Set in the 1800s, the author did a nice job with historical details and setting. The way the story was written, I felt like I was there, or watching it on T.V.

My heart went out and I was drawn to the heroine, Cecily, a young woman abused by her father. The author successfully made me root for Cecily immediately.

The book starts with Cecily’s tragic life. Her horrible father humiliates her in town, for all to see. The people are sympathetic, but no one stands up for her, which was upsetting, and had me thinking, “What is wrong with those people? Why won’t they help?” But then of course, this was a different day and age, and people minded their business more and didn’t get so involved as they might today.

Finally, the change Cecily’s soul has been calling for happens. She’s kidnapped, or rather, rescued, by a Native American whose tribe lives nearby. This man brings her to his brother, Tall Bear, a handsome, kind warrior. Bear, as he is usually called, feels great anger when he sees the beautiful, bruised Cecily, shivering from her father’s abuse. His attitude about how she was treated by her father made me like him right away, and as the story unfolded, I liked him even more, a worthy hero.

The relationship between Cecily and Tall Bear was interesting, romantic, and spicy. There are some very nice, hot love scenes, accompanied by tender feelings. I felt a sense of satisfaction for Cecily, being pulled out of her terrible situation into a much better one, with someone who could care for her. It seemed to happen a bit quickly though. Cecily’s feelings for her captors change a bit rapidly from fear to acceptance and happiness. I thought this part needed to be drawn out more. She had been abused, so I would have expected that her fear of those who took her against her will would have gone on longer. However, this was balanced by, in my opinion, the warm and satisfied feelings I got from how well Chief Tall Bear and his people treated her.

Cecily’s father reports the kidnapping of his daughter to the sheriff. The sheriff knows he has to go to the peaceful Indians in search of Cecily, but he’s hesitant, not wanting to bring the poor girl back to her abusive father. A real predicament, and an excellent suspenseful twist to the story. I wondered if Cecily was going to be forced to go home to her bad life; after all, in those times, such a thing was likely.

Then, Cecily’s father approaches Tall Bear and threatens terrible things for Cecily. Tall Bear must make a difficult decision, which I thought he handled well, but I don’t what to give away any more

Savage Rescue is fast-paced and enjoyable. I didn’t give it a higher rating for technical reasons. There is a lot of “telling” in this story, and some errors. The telling aspect of the story gave it some distance, and that’s a shame because deep emotions accompany the entertaining plot. More sensual details could have been shown, making the story even more powerful. Perhaps this story could have been lengthened into a novel. It would make a good one. The editing could have been tighter too, but aside from that, I liked the story.