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Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember Me by Laura Moore

Remember Me by Laura Moore
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (416 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Fern


A rising star in the modeling world, Margot Radcliffe hasn’t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood, the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she was raised. Travis Maher, a ruggedly handsome rebel and gifted horse trainer with a hard-knock past, had once captured Margot’s heart—only to break it.

But when tragedy strikes her family, Margot is forced to set aside her skyrocketing career and return to a place she never expected to see again, where the legs that everyone admires belong to Thoroughbreds, not supermodels. Now Rosewood Farm’s success depends on Margot, and the only person she can count on for help is the very man who so ruthlessly rejected her love all those years ago.

As Margot and Travis enter an uneasy truce to save Rosewood from financial ruin, their wild natures clash and their unresolved passions for each other begin to surge. But can this hard-edged horseman find a way to express his desire for the one woman he’s ever loved before she’s lost to him forever?
Remember Me is, without question, a romance lover’s ultimate fantasy. It has been a long time since an author made such an impression; to the extent that I purchased her other works the instant I finished. This is the kind of story that fans of the genre search tirelessly for, where the romance, conflicts, and character building remain front and center. Enriched by attention to detail, the result is people you fall in love with, care for, and want to have their much deserved happily-ever-after.

The prologue was the proverbial arrow through the heart. Eighteen-year old Margot Radcliffe has finally decided to reveal her love for the head trainer of her father’s horse farm. For years, she’s yearned for Travis Maher, and tonight, during the renowned Radcliffe Roast, she is going to know what it feels like to taste his lips, feel his touch, and experience what it means to be loved by a man. After a dispute over her attire with her shrewish step-mother, Margot sneaks downstairs to find the man of her dreams. Along the way, she is intercepted by the photographer of the bash. Impressed by Margot’s striking looks, he gives her a card and tells her if she’s ever interested in modeling to give him a call.

Once Margot makes her way to the barn and locates Travis, she bares her heart, body, and soul, believing that he experiences the same fevered longing. Unfortunately, the whispers of love and desire she so longs to hear are replaced with words of rejection and distain. Humiliated, she flees to the house and, upon locating her father, insists upon becoming the manager of the farm. She is tired being coveted, and wishes to prove her worth to Travis, her father, and everyone who resides at Rosewood. It is then that she learns her father has plans that don’t include her presence on the farm, but rather, her settling down with “good-stock” and raising a pedigree family elsewhere.

Broken hearted, Margot refutes her father’s wishes, and is told if she doesn’t do as he says, she will only be welcome at Rosewood again “over his dead body”. Devastated, Margot tells her father good-bye, leaves with the photographer who stopped her on the stairs, and doesn’t look back.

Twenty-five pages show the reader just how spectacular this story is going to be, right down to the heart and soul of the work. You get to know so much about Margot, her dysfunctional family, and her childhood dreams in the emotional charged pages. Witnessing the passing of her innocence only makes the eight-year time lapse so much more intense, and as she is forced to return home following a horrific accident that threatens to destroy her family, all the more endearing. No longer is Margot naïve and lovelorn. A famous super-model now, her face graces the pages of magazines and billboards across the world. She is confident, she is beautiful, and she is financially stable in her own right. However, even with her well-deserved fame and status, all it takes is one look from the handsome man who crushed her dreams to make her pulse accelerate, her palms sweat, and her heart break all over again.

As Margot takes the reins to try and save the farm, she is forced to turn to Travis for help. Only now, Travis isn’t willing to push her away to keep his job or to save face. He’s wanted Margot for as long as he can remember, and regrets the damage he caused when she fled from him all those years ago. Together, they discover what should have been, but there is so much more at stake than their hearts. Margot’s half-sister, Jade, is getting into heaps of trouble at school. Her older sister, Jordon, is heavily pregnant with her third child while her husband isn’t being as supportive as he should. And the money keeping the farm afloat is all but gone, meaning Margot has to dig into her own bank accounts to keep things going for as long as she can…

Remember Me will leave you breathless. Laura Moore has an incredible talent for detail and character development. Each sentence breathes life onto the page, bringing the reader directly into the center of the work, and allows them to experience all of the heartache, turmoil, and doubt right along with the cast. I quite honestly couldn’t put this story down, not from the moment I finished the gut wrenching prologue, and stayed up ‘til the wee-hours of the morning to finish.

Margot is someone I related to on so many levels. Her dream of living on a farm and finding happiness in the arms of the man she’s always wanted makes her career as a model almost painful in comparison. There are moments when she poses for the lens and you realize it is a way to detach from the loss of her former life, keeping her apart from the misery of rejection. Yet, as she slowly slides back into her skin when she returns to Rosewood and falls in love with Travis, the young girl surfaces once more. It’s an absolutely beautiful love story, enriched by various subplots and obstacles which keep the reader chomping at the bit.

I highly recommend Remember Me, so much so that I’m rating it a Best Book. I can’t wait for the second installment in the Rosewood Trilogy, Believe In Me, and have it marked at the top of my TBR list.