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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mirror Images by Liz Phelps

Mirror Images by Liz Phelps
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full (367 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Building a Fortune 500 company from scratch was simple for Danny Potter. It only required hard work and brains. But discovering she has an identical twin sister and parents who are the cream of society is another matter. Raised in the mean streets of Chicago by the girlfriend of her kidnapper, Danny doesn't do society or touchy feely, but a killer is determined to eliminate both Danny and her sister and that's a language Danny understands. The assassin is in for a few nasty surprises from Danny's vast arsenal of unique weapons when they enter the playing field.

As a friend of the Townsend family, Austin McKean is suspicious of the new found twin his international security firm stumbles upon by accident. Ex-military, Austin is all starch and vinegar and he couldn't have picked a more ill- suited woman to pique his interest if he'd tried. She has a murky past and enough secrets to rival Washington, D.C. Intrigue swirls around them as they join forces to protect Danny and her sister while unveiling a mystery killer.

Exciting, fun, and provocative Mirror Images is a true page-turner. Author Liz Phelps fills the pages with action and characters that grab the imagination and touch the heart.

Danny Potter and Barkley hum with energy and attitude—super fun to spend time with. They take what the world throws at them and make something positive out of it while not taking any guff from anybody. Yet, their sense of humor that pervades their actions and the good deeds they do are subtly evident, making the reader feel as if a secret is shared with these two characters.

From the mean streets of Chicago to a Fortune 500 company owner, Danny Potter is a force to be reckoned with. Whether would-be delinquents; elite, high-society millionaires; or hired killers; Danny deals with them all with aplomb. Of course, Barkley aids and abets every step of the way.

Austin McKean, retired military, owns the highly success McKean Security that protects the most elite and the most powerful people in the world, He is more than a little put out when he is outfoxed by Danny whom he believes to be a car thief and possibly a drug dealer. However, intrigue and desire creep in as he deals with the street-smart and secretly talented, philanthropic Danny. She is not like any of the women he has known. They make the pages sizzle as they interact. WOW!

Danny and Dee, reunited twins, have a sister connection that adds a new level of love and trust that steals one’s heart away. Their Mother and Barkley’s relationship is delightful fun that shows a new side of each of their personalities.

Suspense and mystery keep the reader a little breathless at times. As people from two vastly different ways of life try to mesh and flush out a killer at the same time, the pace of the story picks up to a fever pitch.

The secondary characters create sub-plots, emotional upheavals, and lots of fun, as events unfold.

Liz Phelp’s character development, her weaving sub-plots into the main plot, her use of humor, and her remarkable imagination, make Mirror Images a compelling love story that lingers in the heart and mind.