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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loving Purity by Lisa Hill

Loving Purity by Lisa Hill
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (298 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

An exquisite beauty...

Tortured nobleman, Winston Daniel Beaumont, is captivated by the uninhibited innocence of the woman who bathes beneath a moonless mid-summer sky. Alas, despite his gentle urging, she will not reveal her true identity.

A woman in hiding...

Forced to flee her home to escape her lecherous step-brother, Evelyn Purittson must mask her identity--even from the handsome stranger who shows her the ways of love and ignites passions deep within her.

A secret that could destroy them all...

As love blossoms, Beau realizes he and Eve share a common enemy--one who holds a knowledge so scandalous it could keep them apart forever.

Discover the power and enchantment that is "Loving Purity."

The pure, sweet, sensual, soul mate love Lisa Hill creates in Loving Purity is breathtaking. It sparkles with joy. The secrets, that she clues the reader into, pull the reader into the minds and actions of the hero and heroine. As Eve and Beau test the waters of their attraction to and desire for each other, they each must deal with outside forces that are bent on destroying each of them.

Disguised and in hiding from her evil stepbrother that seeks to “ruin” her, Eve worries about her ailing mother who remains in Kentwood Manor; a place that is ruled by the stepbrother. Not worldly-wise, but with the best of intentions, Eve gets herself trapped in a terrifying situation as Beau and his companions transport her mother to safety. She discovers a resourcefulness she did not know she had when faced with being turned over to her stepbrother.

Beau who is the Marquis of Radford, is a “savvy” investor, wealthy, respected by men, swooned over by women and adored by children. He is also a crack shot but most unusual of all, he is a virgin. His upbringing was unique, making the secret he carries give him a sense of hopelessness at times.

The secondary characters infuse the story with society secrets and intrigues, but they also infuse evil doings. Mr. Sorrows is the most memorable of these characters. Lisa Hill’s graphic description of him assails the senses, making one shudder.

Lisa Hill builds in relevant and exciting conflicts, but the enchanting part of the story is the love that springs to life and grows as Eve and Beau connect intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The imagery, subtle humor, and tension make the scenes vibrant. Loving Purity lets the reader bask in the glowing light of new love. I highly recommend this one.