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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kissing Cowboy by J.C. Wilder

Kissing Cowboy by J.C. Wilder
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (95 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Their first kiss melted her resistance, their second one melted his heart.

She’s a woman with a plan…

From childhood, Payton ‘Pip’ Whittier has loved Jeff ‘Cowboy’ Diver. Even after he publicly humiliated her and forced her to leave town, he’s the one man she can’t erase from her heart.

Nine years have passed and Pip has returned to the scene of the crime, her hometown of Haven, Ohio. This time, she’s determined to rid her system of Cowboy, once and for all. He’s a man determined to thwart her every move…

When Cowboy sees Pip at the local bar, he’s floored by the changes in his one-time best friend. The shy, sweet girl has been replaced with a sexy-as-hell woman in red stilettos. Years ago they’d shared a tender moment, one that changed irrevocably their lives.

This is his one chance to convince her to give him one more—even if it means his heart could be crushed under her lethal high heels.

Kissing Cowboy is a sizzling and emotional story that will steal your heart and leave you aching for more. Author J.C. Wilder has brought together a tremendous cast of characters to create a story that is enjoyable, humorous, and memorable.

The story starts off by thrusting Pip and Jeff front and center, revealing the back story which sent Pip hundreds of miles away from home. Now, nine years later, she’s returned, and comes face-to-face with the man who embarrassed her beyond belief. Once upon a time, Pip and Jeff were the best of friends and shared everything – until she tried to reveal her growing attraction and wound up the laughingstock of the town as a consequence. Thinking time has changed her feelings, she is shocked to discover the intensity in which she longs for Jeff have never waned. Determined to remain aloof, she teases the sultry cowboy with every weapon in her arsenal. There is only one thing that is better than getting mad, and that’s getting even.

Jeff hid his feelings for Pip years ago to protect her, worried that he was no better than his womanizing father. As the years passed, he wondered if he’d ever be given the opportunity to make amends and set things straight. When he ventures to the local bar for a drink with his brothers and comrades, he rests eyes on the girl from his past. Only now, the girl is no longer an adolescent with a crush; she is all woman. While he wants to do the right thing, his desire can no longer be contained. For once, he’s going to experience what it’s like to claim and ravage what he’s always wanted, to hell with the cost.

Although there were a couple of instances in which things occurred a tad too quickly – namely Pip’s epiphany regarding her sister’s past and current relationship with Jeff – I have to say I loved Kissing Cowboy. The intimate scenes between Pip and Jeff are blistering, and there are enough subplots entwined throughout to keep things interesting.

Tight writing, exceptional characters, and a fantastic story make this an emotional and tear-jerking read you don’t want to put down. From the moment you meet Pip, you can sense her insecurities and inability to walk away from the man she loved so long ago. After all, who hasn’t suffered a broken heart in their youth? Yet, in a very clever game of cat and mouse, J.C. Wilder ensures that while you despise Jeff for what he’s done, you also sympathize with him when you learn why.

A must read for those who love a healthy dose of emotion packed in their romance, be sure to put Kissing Cowboy on your TBR lists. J.C. Wilder fans will love this one.