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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cupid In Blue by Sandra Sookoo

Cupid In Blue by Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday, Comedy
Length: Short (33 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

In the game of love, what if Cupid’s the loser?

Aaron Bernhart -- the new Cupid -- finds previous experience in love is a prerequisite for the job. He’s all ready with a golden bow and a quiver of magical red arrows. Sadly, what he’s lacking is a girlfriend. On his first day at work he meets Catherine, and literally tumbles head over wings…from the sky that is.

Catherine is a skeptic regarding all things romance, but finds herself turned on by Cupid’s wings. The only thing holding her back from a happily ever after is herself.

Can Aaron convince the lovely loner to take a chance on romance with him, or will he be the only single Cupid in the history of the world?

Think "Cupid" and what do you imagine? A cute little cherub flitting around, zinging his golden arrows into the hearts of his unsuspecting victims? Right?

Well in this case you couldn’t be more wrong. What you get is a disenchanted Aaron Bernhardt who finds himself elected to a job he doesn’t want with requirements he knows nothing about and who spends most of his time trying – and failing- to fly successfully. He’s almost OK with the thought of magic, but huge great white wings that are hard to fold away beneath his shirts, a golden bow with a quiver full of arrows and instructions that he ignores are more than he considers the ideal tools for a job. After all Crystal Falls is a small town where there are few secrets; and his latest job as the new and unattached Cupid is definitely a secret worth keeping.

Into this cauldron of discontent Ms. Sookoo drops Catherine Alicot, who is more at home in the city and finds nothing more stimulating than a demanding job that involves a series of business deals and investments. Before she can move into her new home she needs her friend’s signature on a release form. Simple, you may think, but Ms. Sookoo adds magic, mystery and mayhem to the uptight and still adorable Catherine’s well ordered life.

This may be a short story but it’s packed with the outrageous, ridiculous, hilarious, and humorous. Sandra Sookoo’s characters are all larger than life and from the first page she had me smiling. By the end I was laughing out loud at the entertaining situations she got her hero and heroine into. A great book I definitely recommend.