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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Altered Beginnings by Destiny Booze

Altered Beginnings by Destiny Booze
Publisher: Whimsical Publications
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (234 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Queen Anne’s Lace

The headline in the small town newspaper read Girl Missing, Presumed Dead or Worse.

Leigh Lawson returned to Nags Head, North Carolina after four years with a huge shock. That big and bold headline was about her! Everyone thought she was dead!

The truth was that she was doing well. While gone, she had gotten clean from drugs and worked hard to get her bachelor’s degree in engineering. With her life back on track, she returns home in hope that she will receive a warm welcome. Instead, she gets the townsfolks' disdain.

Everyone hates her, everyone except Jason Altarez, an ambitious and resilient reporter with his sights locked on Leigh. He chases her with oozing charm and romance, but does he really want her or is he after his next story?

Leigh’s life soon spirals out of control when the police recruit her for an undercover assignment. They want her to go back to the life of her troubled teenage years, back into the drugs, and help them to bring the local drug supplier to conviction. It may be Leigh’s only chance to redeem herself with her family and friends. If she can complete this one assignment, the town will forgive her. The only problem is that she needs to figure out how to stay alive in the process…

Jason is her continuous partner through it all, proving his dedication to her as he struggles to keep her safe. Leigh wants to believe he is a man of his word. She wants to believe that her heart isn’t completely foolish for falling for him, especially when she discovers evidence that Jason may be working for the very drug dealer that Leigh is trying to have arrested. Will he betray her in the end or will he demonstrate the most romantic notion of all – that love at first sight truly exists?

The story first introduces us to Leigh Lawson, our heroine, who survived a traumatic childhood and difficult teenage years ending with her being kicked out of her foster parent’s house. But come home, clean and with a college degree, only to find out everything thinks she's dead (or "worse").

Then enters our hero. Jason Altarez is present by her side through the story, proving his dedication to her as he struggles to keep her safe. He is a man of his word... or is he?

Ms. Booze has written a provocative story here. It grabs the reader from page one and keeps them reading through the end. The grammar and technical writing is spot on, keeping the reader in the story and not distracting from the action.

Many suspense novels have the problem of not being complex enough, or too easy to figure out before the end of the story. Altered Beginnings does not fall into this category. The suspense level stayed high and offered a satisfying conclusion. Also, the atmosphere added so much to the level of suspense in the story. Ms. Booze used this well to her advantage.

Altered Beginnings begins strong and keeps the reader until the end, delivering a satisfying conclusion. Don’t miss out on this wonderful story. A+ job, Ms. Booze.