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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Blue by Celia Yeary

Texas Blue by Celia Yeary
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (295 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

She wasn’t a fit mother…

So said the county judge who hired Buck Cameron to retrieve his little daughter. But when Buck finally locates the pretty mother and child, he finds the claim very hard to believe. Now, he faces a dilemma. Should he obey the order? Or should he defy the judge and rescue Marilee and her child from isolation?

She’d been banished…

Rejected and abandoned by her father, Marilee Weston used the pain of betrayal to survive. Now, she needs a way out of the forest, where she and her daughter had lived for five years. But the towering pines and fear of the unknown imprisoned her. How could she begin a new life for herself and five-year-old daughter? Will the alluring stranger free her, or prove to be even more dangerous?

Devalued, degraded, and deserted, Marilee Weston lived in fear for five years with only a grumpy old neighbor woman for support. Being raped did more damage to her psychologically than physically. It stripped her of all her sense of self-worth. However, she knows she must find some way to face the world and build a better life for her four-year-old daughter Josie.

Tricked into leaving her isolated cabin in the Piney Woods of East Texas, Marilee finds herself dealing with people ranging from those who are kind and caring to those who are wicked and downright mean. Her inner strengths emerge as she meets and beats the odds, but she cannot bring herself to believe that she is worthy of a good man’s love.

Buck Cameron sets out to do a job that will free him from false criminal charges while earning him extra money for his new ranch. He gives little thought to the people involved until he sees Marilee and Josie. As he tries to correct a wrong, he meets with conflicts that entangle all his plans. While he struggles to help Marilee and Josie and keep his own integrity, his self-image and his heart take a beating.

The secondary characters in TEXAS BLUE make the story come together like a patchwork quilt that looks like a mess as individual pieces but sewn together in just the right way they create a beautiful piece of work. Even the dark murky pieces of evildoers help to highlight the light, vibrant goodness of others.

Celia Yearly does a super job of arranging the wide array of characters to show a hero and heroine that complete each other and reach out to share life and love with others.