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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Staking His Claim by Stephanie Morris

Staking His Claim by Stephanie Morris
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (120 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Leslie Thompson’s life is spinning out of control. She is pregnant, broke, and alone. She moves back to Casselton, North Dakota to be closer to her family and friends because she needs their support. Upon driving to her parents’ home, her car breaks down, and she gets stuck in a blizzard. She sees a home in the distance and makes the decision to seek refuge. When she arrives at the house, she receives another shock. The man standing before her isn’t Mr. Johnson. He is Blake Eaton, and he is sexy as sin. He is also twenty years her senior. Yet, she has more impending troubles. Her water breaks.

Blake Eaton had no idea how much his life would change the moment Leslie showed up on his doorstep. He doesn’t even realize she is pregnant until she is in his home. He can’t figure out what would drive a woman to such extreme measures to make a trip in her condition. When he discovers the father of her child has abandoned her, he is astonished. Still, he is shocked to find himself so attracted to a woman pregnant with another man’s child. He doesn’t know if he is going to survive being stuck in his home with her while a blizzard is raging outside, because there is another storm brewing inside. Blake wants her, and he doesn’t plan to let her go.

Staking His Claim is an endearing and memorable story about second chances, embracing love, and finding happiness. Author Stephanie Morris has created another fantastic and moving tale with memorable characters, an intriguing premise, and a whole lot of heart.

When Leslie and Blake first meet, the circumstances are anything but ordinary. She’s heavily pregnant, stranded by an unrelenting snow storm, and seeks shelter in the only haven provided – Blake’s home. Despite an eighteen-year age difference, their attraction is immediate, and is fueled by the dual heartaches. Leslie is a woman who faced the ultimate betrayal when her lover left following their daughter’s conception, while Blake lost his wife when an attack in Iraq left him horribly scarred.

When Leslie’s water breaks and Blake comes to the rescue, delivering her child and becoming attached to the beautiful infant who looks so much like her mother, a newfound trust instills a bond that neither Leslie nor Blake can deny. After the snow clears and Leslie returns to her parent’s home, he takes the necessary steps to go after the woman he needs, the child he loves, and stake his claim.

Staking His Claim is a tug at your heart romance. From the moment you meet Leslie and Blake, you want them to find happiness together. Both are wonderful characters that you want to know better, especially as they reveal themselves to each other and allow their hearts to mend. While there were editing mistakes, I loved the story enough to get back on track and breeze past, eager to learn what happens next. Will Leslie accept Blake’s advances? Will he get the family he’s longed for? After all, loving someone is never easy, not when it means relinquishing control of your heart and soul.

Ms. Morris’s fans will fall in love with in this story. You get the sexy hero, the strong-willed heroine, and enough tension and doubt to keep you turning those pages. Those looking for a solid romance won’t be disappointed with Staking His Claim. Be sure to save a place for this story on your TBR list.