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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sparta Rose by Ginger Simpson

Sparta Rose by Ginger Simpson
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical
Length: Full (190 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Roselle can't quite live up to her flowery name and prefers to be called Ellie. Her plans of one day running her father's ranch are threatened by a handsome foreman, the dastardly family on the adjoining land; And more surprisingly, her heart.

Foreman, Tyler Bishop, can't make heads or tails out of Ellie Fountain. One minute she's a childish tomboy and the next, copper curls and curves. One thing he's determined to do, and that's keep her safe. He's not sure if he's doing it because she's the boss's daughter or because her feistiness attracts him in ways he doesn't want to admit.

Roselle Fountain lives in Sparta, Tennessee in 1860. She prefers to be called Ellie and now she is seventeen years old she wants to be treated as an equal by her father and his ranch hands.

Unfortunately Ty, the ranch foreman, appears to be more in her Pa's favour than she is. Both treat her as too young to handle things on the ranch. As a female she is told she should be indoors learning ladylike ways.

A neighbouring family try to bully the Fountains into selling the ranch to them, but they take it one step too far when they fire a shot at Ellie. While the men beef up security, Ellie buys a gun. Determined to be independent she learns to defend herself. She is infuriated when Ty and the hands laugh at her, but her Pa orders her to put the gun away.

The threat from the neighbours becomes more intense and when her Pa becomes seriously ill Ellie is more determined stay on the ranch. Worse is to come when she feels her emotions stir at the sight of Ty and wonders why he makes her mad one minute, and practically drooling at the mouth the next.

This book is suitable for Young Adults as well as the more adult lover of romances. The sweet innocence of a seventeen year old, along with the uncertainties of becoming a woman, endeared me to Ellie. Ty is the typical confused young man not sure why Ellie is mad at him sometimes, while at other times she is very friendly.

Love blossoms for Ellie as she becomes a young woman, but does Ty return her feelings? There is also the danger from the sons from the neighbouring property. They seem bent on getting the Fountain Ranch by any means possible.

I enjoyed this light hearted novel. It showed the dangers to a female in America in the mid to late nineteenth century. Physical danger can come from the wider community or emotional danger from those in the close knit family circle. At the same time it was funny when Ellie and Ty crossed each other due to misunderstandings.

I recommend this to lovers of westerns, sweet romance and young adults. It's an entertaining book which everyone will love.