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Monday, February 22, 2010

Propositioning the Rich Italian by Stephanie Morris

Propositioning the Rich Italian by Stephanie Morris
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (165 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Tierra Davis is shocked when her fiancé abandons her at the altar. She knows just how to get over it when she meets a painstakingly handsome stranger. What better way to start over than to have a two-week affair with a complete stranger?

Antonio Carabelli walks into the bar of the hotel he co-owns after the end of a hard day and is intrigued by the woman he finds sitting there. It isn’t long before Tierra tells him about her plans to have a no-strings-attached affair, and he is interested. However, he is only willing to move forward if they have physical chemistry. What better way to find out than with a simple kiss? The results are explosive, but Antonio soon realizes he has a dilemma. Two weeks isn’t enough.

It is the sense of family that strike you in this book and the respect within the families on both sides, that draws the reader in. And because of these deeply ingrained values we meet a hero, Antonio Carabelli, with more depth than might be expected. He soon discovers a quick no-strings-affair is not enough for him when passion becomes more than slaking his sexual appetite. I truly came to admire Antonio and he is a hero to dream about.

Tierra Davis is a feisty heroine with a broken heart and now she’s out to erase her ex fiancé’s betrayal with some good and hot sex with the first good looking man she comes across when she arrives in Rome. When plans don’t work out as intended you see the compassionate side of this book's heroine.

Ms. Morris' gift of detailed description made me feel I knew a place I’ve never visited. It came to life in vivid and pictures painted with her clever choice of words. Who needs a passport when Stephanie makes you feel as though you are walking beside her characters and seeing the city as they do?

If you want a book to read that is full of passion, red hot sex and the ever present sense of family, complete with a feel good romance, then this is the book for you.