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Friday, February 12, 2010

Paws From the Gods by Lynn Dolan

Paws From the Gods by Lynn Dolan
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (138 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

What do you get when Zeus sends a battling God and Goddess to earth in the form of cats? A romantic good time in Paws from the Gods.

Jenny thought that she was simply doing a good deed when she took in a stray cat named Tomas. She had no idea that he was a God in disguise, sent to put her on the path to true love. After one disastrous marriage, the last thing Steve needs is another woman in his life, but once he meets her getting Jenny out of his mind is easier said than done. Tomas and the Goddess Iris have their work cut out for them. Can they can bring these two humans together, and what if they return to their real forms just in time to find out that Zeus had more than one pair of lovers in mind when he was match making?

Tomas and Iris don’t see eye to eye on anything. When Zeus assigns them to the same task, these two must learn to get along and unite Jennifer Daily and Stephen O’Donnell in a loving relationship.

What the god and goddess don’t know is that Zeus also wants to bring the two of them together as well, because they are the perfect couple. He sends them to Earth in the guise of cats, and that is when the fun begins. Jennifer thinks she has been adopted by a stray cat, and takes Tomas into her home. Stephen is the local vet, and Iris ends up in his home.

Stephen is recovering from a very nasty and very public divorce to a supermodel, and Jennifer just has trouble with picking the right man. When Jennifer meets the new vet, she is attracted to him, and is delighted when Stephen seems to be interested in her as well. But things move a bit too fast for Jennifer, and when she tries being honest with Stephen telling him she has a “sort of boyfriend” he loses his cool and takes off, thinking she is like his cheating ex-wife. That is when Tomas and Iris must go into action and save this relationship. Can two “cats” bring these two lonely people together? Can Stephen overcome his mistrust and make a new life with Jennifer? And will Tomas and Iris continue to fight their attraction to each other or give in to their feelings as well?

Lynn Dolan has written a delightfully spicy romance within a romance. The story of Jennifer and Stephen is a great one. Jennifer is the perfect mate for Stephen, if he can just see her for herself and forget the image of his ex-wife and her cheating ways. But the real delight in this one is the lengths Tomas and Iris will go to in order to make sure these two humans end up together for their happy ever after.

Meanwhile, the feelings Tomas discovers that he has for Iris starts him on the path to romance, as well. Iris cares more than she is willing to admit, fearing that Tomas is just playing, so he must find a way to convince her he is not the rash and fickle playboy he once was where she is concerned.

Both stories are sweet, sexy and spicy, filled with fun and romance, and a couple of happy ever afters to look forward to. I really had fun reading this one, and I recommend it to anyone who likes modern romance with a touch of mythology thrown in.