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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Online Angel by Kelly Abell

Online Angel by Kelly Abell
Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Violet

An innocent trip to an online store to buy her three year old son a Christmas gift turns into a living nightmare for Cheryl Rubio. Mark, her poker obsessed husband has just cleaned out their entire savings account for a high stakes poker tournament three weeks before Christmas. On top of that he’s decided to leave her and the son he never wanted because Cheryl “doesn’t get him”.

Devastated, scared and confused Cheryl must find a way to keep her struggling law practice alive and provide some kind of Christmas for Robbie. Thoughts of past mistakes haunt her and she begins to think about her first love Kevin Lawson, a man she dumped because she didn’t feel he was ambitious enough to fit into her life plan.

Kevin is just coming out of a recent divorce to a woman who could never measure up to Cheryl. He never should have married her in the first place. One day out of curiosity Kevin searches for Cheryl on a social networking site. When he finds her neither one of them can believe the coincidence of the timing of their reconnection, or that for the last four years they have lived within 30 minutes of each other in Atlanta, Georgia.

Can Kevin and Cheryl put past hurts behind them and reconnect to have the love they should have had all along? Will Cheryl, whose been praying for a Christmas miracle, find herself an Online Angel?

First Cheryl Rubio finds that her bank account is cleaned out due to her husband's gambling debts, and then he leaves her. He not only leaves but turns his back on his son and leaves Cheryl nothing but $1000 to make it through. It's Christmas time and all she wants is her son to have a good Christmas. Suddenly, out of the blue, an ex-boyfriend of hers contacts her online. Kevin was the one man that loved her unconditionally and she turned her back on him. Can they really have a second chance at first love once again?

I really loved this book. The beginning grabbed my attention and I was not able to put the book down once I started reading it. The characters were engaging and being a mom myself, I could really relate to Cheryl's character. When things go bad in a relationship, I don't think there is one person who DOESN'T think about their first love. To have that first love contact you after so many years, well, it's exactly what I wanted to read.

Ms. Abell has done an excellent job of making Online Angel simply sparkle. I really wish this book would have been longer and I hope that Ms. Abell will consider writing a follow up book. I definitely want to see where their characters are today. It was hard to let this book go and I found myself thinking about it during the day. There was a part towards the end that made me cry. When you read it, you will know what I mean. It was a very touching moment. I highly recommend you read this book; it will leave you with a dreamy feeling.