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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love By Design by Fiona McGier

Love By Design by Fiona McGier
Publisher: Wings ePress
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (245 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

“Can you do all of that for me, Rosa?”

His voice was lower and more persuasive now.

“Can you make my house into a home for me, Rosa? Make all of my dreams come true?”

She felt her pulse race, and licked her lips unconsciously.

“That’s why I’m here, Greg. To bring your dreams to life.”

Suddenly aware that he was leaning forward without intending to, as if his body was going to make him kiss her whether he planned to or not, Gregor froze, then cleared his throat as he sat back in his chair.

Rosa Reyes spent seven years away from her soul mate because she put her family before him. When she comes face to face with him again, she reevaluates her priorities. Now, a successful and talented interior designer, Rosa is appreciated by her boss and loved by her family.

However, when Gregor Lubovich, the love of her life, reappears as a client wanting a prestigious old mansion redecorated, Rosa recognizes what she did to herself and to him. As she puts ‘her all’ into making his home a place of solace and comfort for him, she imprints the house with her love.

Gregor Luchovich, a Russian immigrant, has made his mark in the business world after getting his bearing in America. Intelligent and ambitious, he has prospered materially, but has lots of mistakes to his credit to show for the past seven years since he suffered Rosa’s rejection because of a conflict he had with her uncle who is her godfather. When he realizes she is the designer to redecorate his mansion, he feels anticipation and trepidation. She is still the woman that touches his heart and soul.

Fiona McGier weaves a modern, exciting love story that lures the reader into the lives of mature adults that have learned from past mistakes but still must struggle with issues of two strong personalities finding their way to compromises that will nurture the love that lay dormant for seven long years but never demised. The emphasis on ethnic differences detracts at times since strong family ties and customs exist in many ethnic groups that have assimilated in America. However, the beautiful man/woman love and familial love mingle to make a strong statement about true love that gives and forgives.

LOVE BY DESIGN with its humor, description, and wide array of interesting characters sparkles with life. Satisfying reading!