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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Innocence Lost by Tiffany Green

Innocence Lost by Tiffany Green
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (258 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fern

From her first glimpse of his portrait, Lady Megan Westland is smitten. Unfortunately, the handsome face belongs to her brother’s enemy—the Duke of Claremont, Nicholas Bradshaw. A chance encounter with the insufferable duke has her furious. How could she possibly love such a beast?

Nicholas learns a little too late that the beautiful girl he met is not at all who he thinks. And now, he must keep her safe from the enemy lurking close to home.

When the kidnapper does strike, Nicholas needs the assistance of his foe and a pirate captain to rescue her. But will it be enough?

Innocence Lost is a poignant and unforgettable story that enraptures the heart and doesn’t let go. Author Tiffany Green has given romantics something to swoon over, combining sensuality with intrigue, suspense, and an undeniable and breathtaking amount of tension.

As with all of the best romances, Nicholas and Megan meet in an utterly unconventional manner. He is searching for his lost stallion and believes she is the thief who stole it, while she is traipsing about in breeches, eager for a freeing ride in the open. The moment they kiss, a spark is ignited. While Megan is well aware of Nicholas’s identity, he is uncertain of hers. She flees his embrace, fearing the repercussions of falling into the arms of the man her brother hates. It takes unforeseen circumstances to bring them together again, yet as before, Nicholas perceives Megan to be someone and something other than who she is. With the loss of innocence comes the loss of something far greater, and when Nicholas finally learns who he has become enamored with, he may or may not be able to lay claim to the one woman who has affected him as no other has before.

To put it simply – I could not put this story down. I sat down to read and grumbled and complained each time I was pulled away. The characters come to life, drawing you in with their fears, doubts, and desires. Ms. Green has a gift for crafting something that is both entertaining and mesmerizing, with just enough tension to keep you guessing. Will Nicholas and Megan finally come to an understanding? Will their love meet fruition? Or will the forces determined to keep them apart have their way? It’s painful to watch as Nicholas is forced to leave Megan be, knowing all the while that she believes he has forgotten her. Yet, with sacrifice comes a greater reward, and your wrung-out emotions will overflow with delight when everything is placed out in the open.

Historical romance fans have to read Innocence Lost. The plot is fantastic, the love affair between Nicholas and Megan will tug at your heart, and the secondary characters are given just enough time on the page to bring the story to life. Sharp and vivid writing ensure you become lost in the work, and feel as if you’re taking the journey versus reading it.

Innocence Lost is a definite must read that I highly recommend.