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Monday, February 1, 2010

Healer’s Fate by Beth Caudill

Healer’s Fate by Beth Caudill
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (99 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Corliss Rumdone hides behind her status as Healer to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchical challenges. A forced mating changes the course of her life. Instead of Raymond, the beta wolf selected for her, she mates with Liam—her best friend and heir to the Alpha pair.

Liam whisks them away to a shifter retreat so they can allow the mating bond to settle in private. But interference from those seeking power and two terminal children arouse past hurts and challenge their new relationship. Even their home is not the haven it should be as Liam must watch Corliss fight for the right to remain his mate. For one healer, death becomes a weapon to balance life.

Look no further for an entertaining and interesting wolf shifter romance than Healer’s Fate. It delivers a fine balance of love, intrigue and relationship quirks.

Corliss is an unusual heroine in that she is both predator and healer. The pack that she is part of forgets the predator part and thinks that being a healer, though important, makes her weak and unworthy of notice. Oh how she proves them wrong. You know the saying, ‘Still waters run deep’? That is Corliss.

She isn’t one to be walked on, she just picks her battles and when something is worth winning, she gives it her all. Nothing illustrates that more than when she faces a challenge for her life. I enjoyed how Ms. Caudill wove hints of the heroine’s strength throughout the story. When it came to the suspenseful parts, I was more than curious to see how Corliss would handle the crisis.

Liam is her hero. Unattainable and yearned for, he becomes so much more as the story unfolds. He’s alpha, protective and I love how the author explained how he and Corliss first met. It was adorable. As a man, he’s hunky. There was this repeated mention of his chest and the feelings it engendered. I kept getting this mental image of a Mohawk and it both fascinated me and had me giggling. Even so, I thought it was a pretty cool concept.

The conflicts come at them mostly from the outside. Some expected and some unexpected, which is where the suspense comes in. Ms. Caudill did a fine job of giving a reader just enough information for the extras in this book to know it’s on a different planet, that pack politics are involved and fantastical creatures are the norm without having the story take off on a tangent and diluting the romance between Liam and Corliss. They are always the center focus. The secondary characters each play a role in forwarding the plot. The final character introductions only added interest and created a curiosity to know what will happen next. Oh, the HEA is clear and satisfying but there is a story thread that gave depth to Corliss’ situation in the pack which makes me very interested in asking more questions about this world and its inhabitants. I think that is very clever of the author.

Healer’s Fate is a solid romance between two characters which others deemed unsuitable yet fate determined as perfect. I agree with fate and Ms. Caudill. Liam and Corliss are a fine match and I enjoyed reading their story. I hope to read more by this author.