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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Force Of Attraction by Mandy M. Roth

Force Of Attraction by Mandy M. Roth
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (109 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Fern

When the heart sets its course, even home is no escape…

Project Exorcism, Book 2

With a Commission uniform on her back and an engagement ring from the ship commander on her finger, a normal life is finally within Dr. Marisa Langston’s reach. If she can just learn to love her fiancé, everything will be perfect. Except for the perfectly arrogant Lieutenant Commander Bradi Janelle. He not only gets on her last nerve, he makes her body burn with a hunger only he can satisfy. Distraction is dangerous for a woman who has something to hide…especially when the ship is sabotaged.

Bradi isn’t looking for a mate. Hell, he goes out of his way to avoid the prospect altogether—until the sexy little number in the infirmary makes a mockery of his ladies’ man façade. Now, trapped with her in an escape pod, she’s way too close for comfort. Too close to deny himself the heaven of her body. And her semi-conscious ramblings reveal way too much information—secrets that are dangerous for them both.

Their out-of-control hormones are the least of their problems. The pod is careening toward his home planet. Once there, Marisa won’t be the only one with nothing left to hide.

Looking for something hot, unique, and out of this world? Then get your mitts on a copy of Force Of Attraction, book two of the Project Exorcism series.

The beginning introduces us to Marisa and Bradi, two people who share an obvious attraction but cannot act upon it. She’s engaged, and the would-be groom is Bradi’s best friend. As they exchange a playful – yet sexual – banter, you know it’s only a matter of time until they cave. When their ship is attacked, they escape via a pod together. Once inside, they consummate their forbidden union. Unfortunately Marisa is unaware they’ve even made love and that she’s lost her virginity (she believes it a dream), and this is compounded by the fact that during their lovemaking she conceived Bradi’s child. As they venture into his home planet, he keeps the truth hidden, afraid she will condemn him for what he is – a panther shifter and an abomination to her kind. As danger looms, he will have to come clean, reveal his true nature, and claim Marisa as his mate.

All me to preface this by stating Force of Attraction has several things going on. You have the relationship with Marisa and Bradi, her engagement to another man, their crash onto a lush and wild planet, and the villain who would see Bradi and all his kin dead. Initially, the twists and turns work. Marisa and Bradi obviously want one another, her fiancée is presumed dead which clears the way, and the danger of the wild and untamed surroundings when they crash land keep you guessing. However, when Marisa’s fiancé Peter resurfaces, things become messy, and several elements of the plot are left blank or explained by a few carefully crafted paragraphs that present the scene and reveal the amount of time that has lapsed. This was somewhat disorienting, and combined with a few plot holes, left me to fill in the blanks.

There are positive things to be said of Force of Attraction, however. The characters have an intense chemistry that sizzles, the dialogue is sharp and scorching, and the premise is both captivating and new. The affair between Marisa and Bradi is hot and cold, ensuring it’s not a simple case of love, lust, and surrender. There is so much more than romance, as Bradi fears what Marisa will think of him and attempts to push her away. Of course, she counters this with her determination to keep his heart once she learns she’s captured it completely.

Sci-fi fans will enjoy Force Of Attraction. The sex scenes blister, and the powers and abilities of the characters engage the attention. There is just enough here to satisfy the appetite of the romance fan, while offering just enough emotional tension and intrigue to keep you flipping through the pages to learn what happens next.