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Monday, February 15, 2010

Flaherty's Crossing by Kaylin McFarren

Flaherty's Crossing by Kaylin McFarren
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (262 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Successful yet emotionally stifled artist Kate Flaherty stands at the deathbed of her estranged father, conflicted by his morphine-induced confession of his part in her mother’s death. While racing home, Kate’s car mishap leads her to a soul-searching discussion with a lone diner employee, prompting Kate to confront the true reasons her marriage hangs in the balance. When her night takes an expected turn, however, she flees for her life, a life desperate for faith that can only be found through her ability to forgive.

From Pacific Northwest's award-winning author Kaylin McFarren comes a powerful novel about love, loss, and the power of forgiveness.

Growing up as seen through the eyes of a child can color the way one looks at life when the child becomes an adult. However things are not always as they seem.

Kate's father dies and his passing makes Kate take another look at her life and failing marriage. She also questions whether her interaction with her father was as bad and distant as she'd thought it had been.

Drew, Kate's husband, arrives home to find his wife has gone out without leaving any indication of where. He decides enough is enough and goes to spend a few days with a friend. The friend asks pertinent questions which make Drew question if he wants to give his marriage another chance. What finally makes his mind up is when he checks his messages and finds one from Kate. The message tells him she has gone to see her dying father and has been forced to make a detour on the way home. Kate's scream is the last thing Drew hears as the phone goes dead and he rushes off to find his wife.

Kate is an artist and Drew is a lawyer. Their careers have forced them apart with Drew throwing himself into his work in the false belief that this allows his wife to stay home and do what she loves—paint. Kate is frustrated that Drew is never there and withdraws into her art.

Kate's father withdrew from any emotional part of his young daughter's life after his wife's death in a car accident. After her father's death several events force Kate to revisit her relationship with him. This in turn makes her realize she still loves her husband. Is it too late to save her marriage?

When I first started reading this book I thought I was going to be disappointed. The opening chapter had me thinking it was the same old story of marriage going wrong and sudden flash of realization they want to try again. As I got further into the story I realized I'd made the wrong assumption.

The first few pages made me wonder how the author was going to make the story last the full length of a book. I soon found out that Ms. McFarren knew exactly what she was doing and my interest was captured and drawn into the problems and turbulent thoughts of both Drew and Kate. The very ordinary start quickly turned to suspense and mystery and this particular sub plot threaded its way through most of the book.

As each problem was solved satisfactorily, another bump in the road appeared to keep my interest in the story alive. I particularly liked the way both Drew and Kate's point of view brought different aspects to what was happening. I always find it interesting how two people can see an event from different perspectives and get a totally different understanding of what happened.

Flaherty's Crossing is not a lighthearted novel and may make the reader question some areas of their own life. However, if you are looking for a novel with that little bit of difference then I would heartily recommend this book.